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Thread: Any Suggestions Here Regarding to Insurance?

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    Any Suggestions Here Regarding to Insurance?

    Hi im Gerald Brooke newbie in this forum. I know this is an off topic but Can anyone help me looking for an affordable but reliable insurance here in US and online? Because my former insurance company sucks!(Dont want to mention its name) Its too expensive but not a good service.They giving me headache!I recently checked out some free quotes at http://www.insurancepaylite.com they have a couple of known companies here and found out good benefits from there service.. Can you help me regarding to my problem??
    Please kindly reply to this thread for any suggestion.

    Thank you...

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    di_mack, I work at Wal-Mart just to be a part of a group health insurance program. Getting under a group policy is really the only way I could afford health insurance. I am moving your thread to the Financial section above. There, you might find help.
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    Im just asking if there is someone like me whose recieving low salary..
    and im just asking if someone can give me information regarding to affordable and reliable insurance. When i check the site i saw that they have convincing offer and qoutes regarding to what i really needed. So if you have suggestions too, kindly share..

    Thanks in advance..


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