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Thread: Blood work on my 2yr old grandson came back with some issues don't know what to think

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    Blood work on my 2yr old grandson came back with some issues don't know what to think

    So while we wait to see if the state provided insurance is going to approve a specialist. My mind wonders. Clark has always been on the lean side with very little body fat. He has gotten sick very easy and has been on and off antibotic's since he was little. Then suddenly about 2 weeks ago he starts running a very high fever and his tummy hurt and no other symptoms, we thought it could be his appendix took him to the dr and no it wasn't his appendix, it wasn't strep nor the onset of the flu. They gave him a shot and he got better for a couple days. ( in the past now that we have thought about it and chalked it up to cutting teeth he did run a random high fever no symptoms and it would go away about as quick as it came) then 3days later its starts back and so he goes back to the dr and his ear is congested they started him on antibotics, doesn't help all weekend he is still feeling poorly, so I take him to the dr first thing Monday and they do a quick CBC which was fine so they decide to do blood work for infectious mono, because he had rapidly lost 4lb over the weekend and had stopped eating and was showing ketones in his urnine, the results came back that he did NOT have Mono, but they want to send him to a hematologist at the childrens hopsital, Due to what did come back. Here are his results:
    WBC 7.4 Limits: 4.8-11.4
    RBC 4.57 Limits:3.96-5.30
    Microcytes Present
    Anisocytosis present
    Hemoglobin 12.7 Limits:10.9-14.8
    Hematocrit 38.4 Limits:32.4-43.3
    MCV 84 Limits:75-89
    MCH 27.8 Limits:24.6-30.7
    MCHC 33.1 Limits:31.7-36.0
    RDW 14.6 Limits: 12.3-15.8
    Platelets 245 Limits: 150-440
    >NEUTROPHILS 15L Limits: 22-60
    >LYMPHS 75H Limits: 28-66
    Monocytes 7 Limits:3-10
    Eos 0 Limits: 0-4
    >BASOS 3H Limits:0-2
    >NEUTROPHILS absolute 1.1L Limits: 1.2-5.2
    Lymph (absolute)5.5 Limits:1.6-5.6
    Monocytes (absolute) 0.5 Limits:0.2-0.8
    EOS (absolute value)0.0 Limits:0.0-0.3
    Baso (absolute) 0.2 Limits:0.0-0.3
    RBC comment Anisocytosis Present
    We are still waiting for insurance approval and our minds are racing hoping anyone can help give us some insight?

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    Hello. I have a 2yo grandson too, I can only imagine what you are feeling.
    None of us here are trained in interpreting test results and to speculate on what might or might not be wrong would be very irresponsible.

    As hard as it is you are going to have to wait till a doctor does this. This time of having tests and getting answers is horrendous. It does our heads in as we imagine worst case scenarios. We can all empathise with you on this one as we have all been there. Googling symptoms always leads to cancer forums in one way or another as symptoms can be the same for a variety of ailments and it just fuels the fear even more.

    Good luck and best wishes.
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