When I was diagnosed with cancer last September, I had no insurance or money. My family had loaned me money to have surgery, and in the midst of surgery, the cancer was discovered. A social worker at the hospital told me as an uninsured person, I would need to do two things. Immediately apply for Social Security Disabiliy, and after applying for that, apply for Medicaid through the state. She told me to tell the hospitals, doctors, ....that "my medicaid was pending" any time payment was requested. This worked most of the time, and I was able to get my radiation treatments done and additional surgeries. One of the cancer specialists refused, also Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I was granted Social Security Disability, and Medicaid recently, (it took about 7 months). Even if I had been denied Disability, by following the advice of this social worker, it help me to get the treatment and surgeries I needed with no up front money for a while. Hopefully, you will not be in such a predicament; but if you are, you might try using such a strategy.