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Thread: Deuterium Depleted Water and cancer????

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    Deuterium Depleted Water and cancer????

    Hi Everyone!
    I just wonder has anybody ever heard about a new complementary/alternative treatment option for cancer, which is based on the consumption of deuterium depleted water.
    A friend of mine recommended trying deuterium depletion, it has got no side effect and it is safety. It is a well known supportive therapy for cancer patients in Hungary ( he is Hungarian ) and in some European countries. During the treatment have to drink a deuterium depleted water, to reduce the deuterium level of the body.
    I have been just diagnosed with cancer , and have started my chemo, but suffering from the side effects and I strongly believe in natural medicines. I want to try everything what is available to be healthy again.
    Thanks for any info

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    Quote Originally Posted by mani71 View Post
    ...consumption of deuterium depleted water.
    A friend of mine recommended trying deuterium depletion, it has got no side effect and it is safety.
    Well sure it's safe--except to your pocketbook--it's just water. Let's just say I'm very skeptical that deuterium depleted water has beneficial effects over regular water--which hardly has any deuterium anyway--and would have expected more news/adoption since the 90s if the claims were true.

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    Hi mani

    Water hey. Water is not very costly so I hope you are not paying much for your water. Good luck

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    Hi Mani71!

    I have just read your post about deuterium depleted water.
    I want to tell you my opinions, with the this special water. During the last years i have used Deuterium Depleted Water , as a supportive therapy to fight back cancer. I have had prostate cancer, and i wanted to go on the natural way to help my body to get out of tumor cells. With long administration of this water , along side with healthy diet i can say i am tumor free now, but even i am on remission i do have a short (2-3 months ) cure every year.
    I dont know how have you decided since about DDW, but it is never too late to start with. I wish you a success, how i had.
    You can google it and read a lots of useful information about deuterium depletion and deuterium depleted water.
    Best wishes!

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    I'm a qualified chemist and this bemuses me.
    I simply don't understand the post from Mrbusa, are you really saying what I think you are
    That Deterium depleted water cured your prostate cancer or did you use it in addition to conventional treatment ?.
    IF you are suggestion it is a cancer cure or a preventative then think again, it will NOT cure cancer, nor will it prevent cell mutation. FACT
    I'd take any suggestion that it is a cure or a preventative with any form of cancer with complete scepticism.
    Tap water, natural spring water, aquifer water by all means, it's cheaper.
    However if using it gives a feeling of comfort and well being, by all means keep drinking.
    I'd prefer a good glass of beer (not lager) as this contains some nourishment and a cleansing action.
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    Baz10, I like your idea of a glass of beer. I am in full remission from multiple myeloma after treatment and an autologous hemopoetic stem cell transplant done in March 2017. I have been doing intermittent research on various related topics intermittently. I recently read a newsletter hyping Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW), also called "Light Water", and became curious about it. Have done some research, and there's a bit of scientific research out there in various cancer and science journals, although most of it is very difficult to follow if you haven't a good background in biochemistry and cell biology. The original work came out of eastern Europe. Some of the researchers are from Europe, Johns Hopkins, UCLA Cancer Center, Japan & China.
    "Water" is a mix of two isotopes, H2O and D2O, where one of the hydrogen molecules is deuterium. H & D are isomers of the same atom. Deuterium, or "heavy water" has a neutron added to the hydrogen atom which approximately doubles the atomic weight with effects on bonding energies and vibration rates. Normal water has about 150-160 parts per million (ppm) of D20. DDW has D2O levels of less than 130 ppm. This changes the vibrational frequency of bonds formed as well as the energy levels of the hydrogen and ?ionic? bonds. It appears that DDW may well be helpful as a complementary therapy, since deuterium apparently has a deleterious effect on the citric acid cycle in mitochondial enzymatic pathways and the hydrogen bonding characteristics of D2O versus H2O. The concept is that "oncometabolites" (cell metabolites that can cause or contribute to cancer formation or proliferation) are eventually created by elevated levels of D2O and reduced by lower levels of DDW. The theory that I read indicates that the glucose which contains a deuterium molecule at critical positions in the molecule changes the energy and stability of the molecule and bonds with other molecules, and can create a "weaker" structure when incorporated into DNA chains. The "weakness" purportedly increases the likelihood of developing a DNA (genetic) defect, with increased probability of developing cancer. Some of the clinical studies or summaries I have read recently indicate that DDW depleted water has increased survival rates significantly in some cancers. Some lung, nasopharyngeal, breast cancers, gliomas and prostate cancers have been studied with results indicating DDW helps inhibits cancer growth in vivo and also in vitro during several Phase 2 clinical trials. My current impression is that it will prove helpful for some cancers, but probably not all cancers, and that it's still being sorted out. One clinical scientific article citation is:

    "Submolecular regulation of cell transformation by deuterium depleting water exchange reactions in the tricarboxylic acid substrate cycle" Med Hypotheses. 2016 February ; 87: 69–74. doi:10.1016/j.mehy.2015.11.016

    PubMed has a number of scientific articles and reviews on these topics. Anyone can Google them and find them with a little digging.

    A company from eastern Europe sells DDW in various levels down to 25 ppm. It is very expensive at about $8.50 per 500 ml bottle, and one of the scientists who developed the DDW process thinks the company's DDW is way too expensive. I tend to agree that it's more expensive than it needs to be, and Chinese chemists have published an announcement of a new process that should be cheaper. Other alternatives, which I am just starting to research, include glacial water and polar ice cap water which are more reasonable in cost. I am not endorsing any of these products, but I think an interesting line of complimentary or possibly alternative therapy research is developing that may be of help to people with certain cancers. But your assertion that "water is water" does not fit the scientific research available at this time. I wish you well with your cancer and various medical problems.

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    Until and unless this is subjected to scientific scrutiny, it is little more than wishful thinking. Closing this thread as we remain devoted to science-based medicine.
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    10/18 I was withdrawn from the Kadmon KD025 clinical trial due to increasing fatigue/lack of benefit.
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