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Thread: kicking leukemia's ass one day at a time

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    kicking leukemia's ass one day at a time

    My 7yo son was diagnosed with ALL on 1/16 We completed induction last Friday. The doctor just called and said they were hoping to see his levels at 0.01% but they were actually 0.05% which puts him as high risk?! How can that small difference in levels make such a hugh difference in risk status?! We don't see the doc until tomorrow to go over the treatment plan.

    Please...can anyone shed some light on this?! How concerned should we be? Is this something that happens to most kids in the beginning? Is the treatment more intense? WHat do you know about it?!

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    I feel equally in the dark on this. Our daughter was at .01 and since it wasn't 0 we got put into a higher risk category as well. It is frustrating


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