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Thread: How long did it take to get biopsy results?

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    How long did it take to get biopsy results?

    I am just curious what the average is. I had my biposy done yesterday following an ultrasound that confirmed Endometrial Hyperplasia. Not to mention my abnormal bleeding between periods and pelvic pain. I also have PCOS am overweight and I turn 40 in less than a month. I am kind of freaked and just want to know one way or the other what I am facing. I am not a patient person. lol

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    I got mine in exactly one week. I have also heard of it taking a bit longer, but I never heard of it taking less than a week. It is hard to wait. Just remember that it is probably not cancer (most abnormal bleeding is not cancer), and even if it is cancer, most endometrial cancers are caught early when they are very curable. Hope that you get good results. Let us know what you hear.
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    Waiting sucks....I think they are worse than the tests themselves. Let's see, it took about 10 days to get an official diagnosis last May.....day 7 the Doctor called me and said they needed more time to hear back from John Hopkins because they needed a 2nd opinion (they even did a third), so obviously I knew I was in trouble and the cat was out of the bag. These last two....the d&c and in office biopsy, they got my results back anywhere between 2-4 days.

    Hang in there.....praying for you!! Please keep us posted
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    2/7/13 Benign biopsy
    5/23/13-Benign office biopsy results!
    11/2013 Biopsy - Benign, Megace dose dropped down to 40/day
    1/2014 - My Doctors at OSU thought it would be beneficial to do another D&C to test a larger sample and the results were benign as well. The doctor suggested that I try weaning myself off of the megace in June. I have another biopsy in August, and if that goes well we can start trying for a baby!!!


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