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Thread: Could I have ovarian cancer?

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    Could I have ovarian cancer?

    Hello all,
    Just looking for a bit of advice really.
    After doing a bit of research online I think I could potentially have ovarian cancer. I was wondering if anyone could have a look at my symptoms and give me any advice about whether they are similar to your own symptoms and experiences.

    First, a bit of background information about me:

    - I am 23 years old
    - I have polycystic ovaries which is not treated with anything- I don't take the pill as I do not need to use contraceptive (my partner is female) and there is a history of blood clots in my family
    - I also have a history of ovarian cancer in my immediate family and breast cancer in my immediate and extended family

    The reason I started worrying is because for the past 3 weeks straight I've been having abnormal bleeding. It is not like period blood because it has been black clots, like the tail end of a period, but there was never any fresh blood. Just straight away was black clots. At first I wasn't worried, because I am now used to having random periods due to my PCOS. I have never had regular periods, I normally have around 3 a year, so I don't have a clue about my cycle or anything like that, but my periods just suddenly appear when they feel like it, so I wasn't overly worried until I realised it's been going on for 3 weeks.
    Anyway, when I had a look on the net to see what could be the cause, one result was ovarian cancer, and now I am scared because I also have the following symptoms but never associated them with each other:

    -chronic lower back pain, started around 1 year to 8 months ago
    - switching between constipation and diarrhoea, and feeling like there's more to come out still when I'm done, started around the same time
    - bloated all the time, started around 4 or 5 months ago
    - put on a lot of weight but haven't changed my eating habits, started around 3 or 4 months ago
    - Rectal bleeding when going to the toilet which I thought was piles- started around 8 months ago
    - urinary problems- not specifically urgency or pain/burning when urinating or anything, but more of a discomfort- started around 8 months ago
    - fatigue and general 'sixth sense' kind of feeling that something is not right within myself

    And now obviously the bleeding. All the above symptoms I just brushed away, thinking I had IBS or something, and I didn't bother getting them checked out as they weren't really affecting my day to day life.

    I don't know if this is related but around 4 months ago I also suffered really badly with a random attack of a pounding, racing heart with all associated symptoms of a panic attack when prior to that I felt completely fine in myself. It was after this episode that I became hyper aware of my health and noticed that I felt there was something not right with me. I can't put my finger on it but I know my own body and know that there's something not right. Because of my palpitations I was eventually diagnosed with pericarditis which is an inflammation of the lining or the sac around the heart. But when I googled about my bleeding and noticed I had symptoms coming up for cancer, I also googled about whether palpitations could be related to ovarian cancer and apparently 20% of ovarian cancer sufferers also experience palpitations.

    I mentioned the bleeding to a nurse while I was getting some travel jabs and she told me it could be an STD which I thought (and told her) was ridiculous as my partner and I have been together for 5 years and have never slept with anyone else whilst together and I have only had 1 previous sexual partner anyway.

    I feel my doctors do not take me seriously as I don't fit the standard risk bracket for anything serious. I have been back and forth lately to the doctors trying to get to the bottom of all these health issues but feel like I keep getting palmed off with excuses because I am young and otherwise typically fit and healthy.

    I would be very grateful if anyone has any information about their own experiences.

    Thank you so much for reading
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    Hello. I am sorry that you are having these health worries. Yes you could have cancer and no, you might not have cancer. We can't help diagnose you. Only seeing a doctor and having any tests will let you know for sure. It his hard when we feel we are just being blown off but it is also up to us to persist if we feel that there is something very wrong with us. Sometime, somewhere a Dr will take you seriously, I hope.

    There is no point in speculating and comparing symptoms as these can be common to less serious conditions as well. Trying to self diagnose with Dr Google can only fuel your fears.
    Keep persisting until you have answers that satisfy you.

    Good luck and best wishes.
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    Discharged Nov 2014.

    May/2012. U/sound, thyroid scan, FNB. Benign adenoma.

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    I know how you feel. I would definitely be vigilant about it. I am 31 now. I had cancer when I was 21; I did not get treated until I was 26 because doctor's where not taking me seriously. Since your symptoms seem to stem from your lower body, having both an ultrasound and a colonoscopy is not a bad idea.
    It's frightening. It literally puts your life on hold.
    I had similar questions like whether I had STD's and what not...I fucking hate those people. I was also quarantined because they thought I might have TB. But in either case just go directly to an oncologist/hematologist if you can. Also look into a mammogram, pap smears are good but you can't really tell unless the cancer is metastisized. Goodluck.

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    I have been told that bloating, digestive changes (like IBS), can be symptoms of ovarian cancer. You are so young though - but have it checked. I ended up at a doctor with ascites - a fluid buildup in the abdomen and that is an indicator of ovarian cancer.

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    Hey, don't worry yet as you know in yourself that there is no confirmation as of the moment. If I were I would go to an ob-gyne to check you and monitor you as well. Ovarian cancer is a very serious condition so don't ever think you have it because it cause you so much stress that can lead to depression. Go to a doctor and let them do what they have to do. For now, stay calm!

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    Hi there,

    I'm sorry you are not feeling well. You mention that you have PCOS and I just wanted to say that a LOT of those symptoms can be related to the PCOS. Unfortunately, I suffer from this also, so I know firsthand the havoc that it can wreak on the body. It is very frustrating because a lot of doctors do NOT know how to treat it. I went to many doctors when I was in my early 20's (I am 39 now) before I found one who was willing to do more in-depth tests and then was able to start me on a treatment plan. The birth contro pill is not the only way that PCO can be controlled/treated, but it can help. Just my opinion but you should see an endocrinologist or an ob/gyn that specializes in PCOS. If you want to PM me for information or if you have other questions, feel free to do so!
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    WBR did not work, tumors expanded throughout brain.

    Daddy I miss you and love you more than you will ever know.
    I am certain that I will see you again.
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