I`ve finally gotten to the point where I realize that Any answers I receive will be from fellow posters ,with a good feel for what i`m going through . This 3 month wait is a real bitch! Ok i can give just some of the details because I don`t have my records .Believe me ,what i do know ,i remember. Da vinci 8/2011, Psa 4.6, gleason 4+4 (a real "fast burner"! Only one side of my prostate was affected PT3A. The margins were clear, 10 lymph nodes were removed & were clear. Margins were clear, Seminal vesicles clear. As i was told by the doc,Dr Kenny Simpkins, in Ashville N.C he, was quite happy with the results . After surgery & up until 8/2012<.1. This December, .1 ,this March, .2 Now I`ve got to wait until June to get tested again. I feel like i`m coming out of my skin. My sweet wife has been suffering with the effects of Alzheimer's disease ,getting progressively worse since 2008 . I need to start making some decisions as to what to do if this psa keeps rising. I am essentially alone here in Franklin N.C .I Just need some thoughts ,& opinions, as to my situation. It seems that the nurses at the office take these differing results from patients as a matter of course . I guess they call so many patients daily it becomes routine. The nurse mentione to me after i asked ,that if it goes any higher I`d have to see the doc. Another quick question, i have an interstim installed ,would that make any difference? Thanks , Charlie