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Thread: Neulasta Pain versus Neupogen Pain

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    Neulasta Pain versus Neupogen Pain

    Well I finally got my disgnosis (Carcinoma of Unknown Primary) and they started me on my chemo treatment last Wednesday along with giving me a shot of Neulasta on Thursday.

    Holy. Crap. No.

    I was warned about the side effects of Neulasta which included mild bone pain (mild? ha!). I took a Claritin the day before, the day of and the day after the shot and by Friday morning I was literally in tears writhing on the floor from pain. I was useless and near spasming for three days. Hot showers didn't help. Massage didn't help. No pain killer, even morphine, would touch it. I was unable to sleep for two days. I finally went to the ER because I could not breathe between the pain spasms (literally) and they shot me full of drugs and gave me like fifty prescriptions.

    I discussed this with my doctor and she suggested that we switch to Neupogen instead during my next cycle. Same medicine but the doses are smaller and spaced over a few days. Inconvenient but it allows me to be more closely monitored for adverse reactions and she thinks I may respond better to the smaller doses.

    My question is has anyone had both the Neulasta and the Neupogen shots and which was worse for you side-effects wise?

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    I see that this is an old posting, but I'll comment for anyone who comes across it later. Everyone is different, and each responds to drugs differently. That said, here is my input. My husband ended up in the ER over Neulasta pain. He's now on Neupogen and has had a much more comfortable experience. While this is his experience, someone else's might be different.
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    I have had both and found that Neulasta caused extreme pain. It started around my waist then down to hips, knees, ankles and wound up in my feet. I could hardly walk for about two weeks and it appears I am left with what could be permanent foot pain. I am a diabetic and had diabetic neuropathy before I started chemo this time (I am in my 3rd series of chemo treatments for 4 separate cancer diagnosis over 21 years). My oncologist switched me to neupogen and it is much better - though Taxotere eventually effected both my hands and feet in a similar manner. Neulasta is basically a longer acting version of Neupogen. Neulasta is generally one shot the day after chemo and Neupogen is a shot a day for 5 days after chemo.
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    This thread is almost four years old.

    Closing thread to avoid confusion.


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