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Thread: My dad has stage 4 colon cancer that has spread even more!

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    My dad has stage 4 colon cancer that has spread even more!

    Hi Everyone. I am new to this site. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in November of 2012. The cancer had spread to 3 spots in his liver. 2 of his lymph nodes and his pelvis. He had surgery and they removed a part the colon where the cancer was and also 2 of the lymph nodes. He went through chemo 4 sessions on xeloda. Last week he had a scan and he received the results today (4/3). The cancer has almost doubled. It has attacked more of his liver and lymph nodes. It has attacked his pelvis even more and is coming back all over the place. We live in a small town and there aren't a lot of doctors out here. I am wondering if anyone can recommended a good doctor or treatment that they went through that has helped in any way? We are also looking for a nutritionist that specializes in cancer patients. We live in California and are willing to travel throughout california, through the states and even out of the country if necessary. Please if anyone has any recommendations, it would be really appreciated. My dad is 52 years old, and is willing to put up a fight! Thanks. -Jennifer

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    California is a big place. My understanding is that if you live in SoCal, it doesn't get much better than UCLA. Not sure about NoCal. If you really want to road trip, Huntsman in Salt Lake City, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Mayo Clinic, there are lots of top notch facilities all around.
    You do understand that once you are Stage 4, there are no more guarantees, and anyone who tells you different is selling you hope, probably at a pretty high price.
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    Double Lobectomy 3/05
    DX with Rectal Cancer 12/26/07 Merry Christmas!
    Radiation/Chemo 1/08
    Rectal Resection 3/08, permanent colostomy. Stage 2C
    More chemo 5/08
    Chemo fries bone marrow, 9 days in hospital isolation 7/08
    Recurrence confirmed in pelvic region 12/09
    Tumor radiated with Cyberknife treatment 3/10
    Recurrence/metastasis in pelvis/abdomen 11/10
    Xeloda/Avastin 12/10 to 01/13
    Progression to lungs found 1/13
    Erbitux 01/13 to 01/14
    Acute renal failure, six days in hospital, all chemo stopped for now, 11/13
    Restarted Erbitux, lower dose 12/13
    Kidney function dips again, chemo suspended again. 2/14
    New chemo regimen of low-dose Irrenotecan started 4/14.
    Further progression into lungs, chemo halted, referred to Huntsman Cancer Center for possible clinical trials.
    Lung biopsy confirms that nodules are metastatic, enrolled in clinical trial at Huntsman. 11/14
    Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it?

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    One facility not mentioned is the #1 cancer center in the USA---MD Anderson in Houston, TX. People come from around the world. That said, Buzzard is absolutely correct. Stage IV has no guarantees. My son is also stage IV and had very good results with Folfox 6. However, everyone is different in how they respond to chemo. There are so many factors to consider. Not being a doctor, you might ask your local doctor what they would do if the patient were their Dad. Prayers for some answers to your many questions.

    Caregiver to son, 32 , 5/18/2011 Stage IV
    Sigmoid colectomy , liver biopsy 5/18/2011
    6cm sigmoid tumor, low grade (well-to-mod. differentiated)
    6 of 33 lymph nodes +
    FOLFOX /Avastin 6/2011-8/2011
    Rt hepatectomy on 9/20/2011---70%
    FOLFOX /Avastin 4 cycles 1/31 stopped-low platelets
    3/5 CT clear
    4/ PET scan showed peritoneal mets
    4/24 splenic embolization for low platelets
    FOLFIRI/ Avastin 5/12-8/12
    Consult for HIPEC 8/12 denied---tumors too many, possibly in ureter.
    5FU/ Avastin 8/2012-2/2013
    12/5/12 scan tumors stable
    12/12 aranespt
    3/5 tumor progression in abdomin
    Restart FOLFIRI/ Avastin with lower dose of Irinotecan 3/11-3/25
    nuelasta shots
    ER - bowel obstruction 4/4
    Port removed 4/12
    Port replaced 5/9
    ER 30 hrs
    Erbitux in, Irinotecan lowered 5/20 & 6/17
    9/17scan indicates stable
    9/18-27 & 10/7-11 small bowel obst.
    Erbitux & Irinotecan 11/5, 12/2
    Bowel obst. 12/31
    1/8 urether stent
    1/17 Hospice
    3/27 started his heavenly journey

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    Thank you for the responses. My dad met with a doctor in Santa Barbara today to work on his nutrition. His doctor recommended a bunch of vitamins and stuff to strengthen his immune system during chemo. He is flying out to see another doctor next wednesday. I don't know if any of this will work and I must say since I have heard about it spreading, i have truthfully lost my mind! I am just hoping for the best, even if its a miserable situation.


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