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Thread: Biopsy Pain

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    Biopsy Pain

    Hi, I had a mole above my right breast removed for biopsy, it came back with questionable cells. They went back and removed more under the cells. I have about a one inch scar from it. It's been well over 2 years since all of this but the scar is very very sensitive still. It also makes the right side of my chest hurt to touch. Is this a normal side effect? And also, does this mean I have an increased risk for breast or other cancer in this area?

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    An excisional skin biopsy such as the one you had can develop pain for prolonged periods of time. This is uncommon, most people that have a biopsy do well. What you are having is not a normal thing, you are the exception to the rule. You can seek professional help with doctors that treat pain, especially chronic pain.

    If what you had was only a mole and the cells were only suspicious, you should be looking for other areas on your skin, since this may happen again. As far as breast cancer it does not increase your chances.

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