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Thread: My mom, my friend

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    My mom, my friend

    To my Mom, my best friend. I miss you so much.

    I feel a warmth around me
    like your presence is so near,
    And I close my eyes to visualize
    your face when you were here,
    I endure the times we spent together
    and they are locked inside my heart,
    For as long as I have those memories
    we will never be apart,
    Even though we cannot speak no more
    my voice is always there,
    Because every night before I sleep
    I have you in my prayer.

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    This is lovely.
    Spring 2012 Grandpa diagnosed, Stage III PC
    Summer 2012 Xeloda/Radiation
    Fall 2012 Scan, Tumour grown and mets to liver, Stage IV
    4.5 month break from treatment
    Winter 2012 Scan, mets appear to be small enough that they can't say for sure what they are
    3 weeks Gemcitabine
    Spring 2013 Scan, no shrinking but no growth or spread
    3 more weeks Gemcitabine
    ~ Made it to the one year milestone ~
    Late Spring 2013 Scan showed more liver mets, end to chemo.
    June 2013 He went to sleep.


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