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Thread: Osseous Lesions = bone cancer?

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    Osseous Lesions = bone cancer?

    Hi everyone,

    Four years ago we found out that my mum has malignant tumors in both breasts, which were cured by chemo and radio therapy but lots of lymphnodes were affected.

    Six months ago she developed liver cancer which she is taking chemo-therapy for.

    However ever since this whole thing started she s also deveoped a weakness in her bones which has been explained by her doctors as OSTOPENIA. The culture here means that doctors arent always honest with their patients in fear of hurting them. We fear that she has bone cancer because her reports keep mentioning OSSEOUS LESIONS in the ribs and different parts of the bones......

    When we asked the doctor wouldnt reply directly...and was manouvering around the idea

    so we dont really known

    I did my research and found that osseous lesions can be benign or malignant...... If anyone knows anything..... pz let me know...



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    Hi Mona,

    Sorry your mom is having to deal with cancer again. Is it metastatic breast cancer or a new primary cancer?

    My dad had lung cancer which was found in his bones. AND he also had osteopenia. Two different conditions at the same time.

    I don't know about osseous lesions, but I am wondering if the doctors are doing any tests to rule out cancer in her bones? A bone scan, CAT scan, or PET scan would be helpful.. There are also blood tests that measure the loss of bone to cancer. If it is cancer in her bones, there are treatments that would help slow this down. They can also perform a bone marrow biopsy to certain. The doctors are being evasive, I'd want them to clearly explain why they do not think that her lesions are cancer. if their answer is unsatisfactory, I think she should insist on further testing.

    Hopefully she just has osteopenia, and her bones are free of cancer!! Hope the chemo does its job!! Another option for liver cancer is ablation therapy, also called radiofrequency ablation (RFA). Might be something else to look into!

    Take Care,
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    thankyou bethany!

    And sorry about ur dad's cancerl


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