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Thread: Question about high ammonia levels

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    Question about high ammonia levels

    My stepfather was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer with lung mets back in October. He has tried Nexavar and was unable to take it. Now he has has several rounds of traditional chemo and has been very successful with it. He had scans on yesterday, June 26, 2013 and the tumor on his liver is untraceble and the lung mets are diminished as well. But, recently he has been very confused and slurged speech. My mom mentioned this to his doctor and they tested his ammonia levels. The doctor said it was elevated and put him on meds for it. My question is, is this a symptom of liver failure for him? He also was diagnosed with Hep C 21 years ago. He also has Cirrosis. He is not a candidate for liver transplant due to lung mets. He also has slight swelling in stomach and legs. Should we expect him t get progressively worse or could he get better? I fear he is in liver failure and it's only going to get worse. Just want to prepare myself.

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    Elevated ammonia can be a problem with either the liver or the kidney...but considering your stepfather's history with hep c, cirrhosis and cancer it's likely that liver damage is the culprit. You really should be asking his doctor this questions as I'm sure there is a lot in his medical history that we just don't know about...and his primary care doctor should be able to fit all the pieces together. It is great news that his scans has showed that treatment seems to be working...now just figure out what's going with the ammonia levels and hopefully he will improve even further. Good luck!
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    Jen- yeah the ammonia levels can somewhat be controlled with a diuretic and something called lactulose- ask his doctor about that its RX only. Hoping things will get better once they straighten that out.
    more than likely its his liver having a rough time of it but you mentioned he was on meds my doctor also put me on thistle suppliments for added support you might have a doctor willing to incorporate some suppliments too. dont do it without consulting his doctor some suppliments dont mix well with some meds and could cause more harm than good if not taken with the proper things.
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    Dear Friend, i am afraid to ask about your stepfather now, i hope he is better... but i beleive that you started seeing his color going to be more and more yellow espacially his eyes, this is because of the billirubin ... you cannot do anything if this is the case.
    if he starting to stop eating please use: MEGACE it is the only way for him to keep eating a little bit
    For the amonia level, you will start feeling that he is not concentrated and he will loose his conciance a lot, so use as sheila said Laclutulose medcine, i propose to you DUPHALAC as it will help him to go to the toilette a lot.
    I had this experience with my father and he passed out last year... please update us if you need any help or your don't know what do to..

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    Oh my gosh Sheila, I am so broken hearted when reading all your Mom went thru. Not just her, but you are still living with it all. She is at rest. I pray you have found peace and this has come to a positive conclusion in your life. When my Mom died, and then my Dad, the peace came for me, knowing that nobody could do anymore harm to them. Their suffering was over. It's no way to die.


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