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Thread: Bone Cancer

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    Bone Cancer

    my dad went for flikker test on monday and it showed that the cancer has spread to most of the bones in his body, pelvic, arms, legs, vertebra, skull. its everywhere.

    is going for chemo in 2 weeks.

    the news where a huge shock as his been cancer free for the last 12 years.

    any advice how to deal with the news. his being very distant at the moment and i realise he needs time but also want to be there for him.

    its sounds really bad and I cant ask him to discuss treatment etc with me at the moment.

    does anyone have experience with bone cancer?

    what does it mean when its spread right through the body?

    will chemo help?

    what can we expect from the chemo?

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    thank you sharonhealth, my mom showed me the scan on Friday and it was very hard to see that the cancer tumors actually spread everywhere, back of skull, throat, bones, pelvic area and lungs. these huge black spots everywhere.

    my brother and father went away for a week and my mother came to visit me, was very emotional to see her trying to be strong but also how worried she is, my dad has become very soft and been leaning on her a lot, his always been someone who dont show his emotions very well but now express it all the time, just shows how scared he really must be.

    His scared and we are all so scared for him.

    His taking cortosone pills today and tomorrow start with intense chemo.

    We are waiting in anticipation to see if the chemo will work.

    My dad has distance himself from me in a way to protect me as he feels i am not able to cope with all of this.

    I just give him his space and go visit when ever I can.

    Everyone is telling me not to think about whats happening but how do you not? I have always been very close to my dad and can't help feeling sometimes very overwhelmed.

    There is no manual for this...

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    My dad was diagnosed with bone and liver cancer a couple of months ago, he had radiation therapy it helped with the pain and he is now having chemotherapy but a low dose he is coping well... Hang in there


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