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Thread: Charities for sufferers

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    Post Charities for sufferers

    I am a mesothelioma sufferer - so I've got to write quickly- and I have gone through all of the recognised forms of accepted treatment such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy, and am now left only with the alternative treatments that are costing fortunes.
    As I am fast running out of money I looked to the various Cancer charities for some financial assistance, and lo and behold,can find no charity that provides this. They run events and raise money solely for research - very admirable, I am sure, but this research does not seem to be coming through with any meaningful results. And in the meantime I am dying.
    Is anyone aware of a charity that actually assists cancer sufferers? It seems ludicrous that all the sympathy that people have for cancer sufferers seems to be generated by the Charities themselves into the research area, when in fact it should be generated towards those who are suffering, and their loved ones.
    Should we start a charity that provides for the sufferers right now and not wait until they are in the hereafter?

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    Hello msobell, there aren't any charities that work directly with mesothelioma patients and help with financial assistance for the disease. There are awareness charities but they are only setup to generate funding for research to find cures for mesothelioma. Typically the best form of financial assistance for a person who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma is to file a lawsuit against the company who manufactured the product with asbestos (as I am sure you know mesothelioma is a result of asbestos exposure). There are a bunch of law firms in the country that have experience with mesothelioma cases but it is always a good idea to use a law firm that has experience because the amount of money you will get from your lawsuit will be determine by how much of your asbestos exposure can be proved. Some law firms are better than others in this regards. There are other financial assistance options like private insurance, state covered insurance plans, viaticals and life settlements (cashing out your life insurance policy), lines of credit from a credit company.

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    hello again msbell, I did some more research and I was able to find a bunch of resources for you to help with financial assistance:


    Hope these help.
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    Have you tried financial assistance within your hospital? I went to ours and was surprised at how much they helped. I don't know if you have insurance or are on Medicare. We have insurance for now. The charity paid for our deductible, out-of-pocket and anything don IN the hospital insurance did not cover. It did not cover anything done by outside drs. I had health problems that ran my bill up at the Mayo. Financial Assistance wrote the bill off but they weren't very nice about it. I can not go back unless I pay upfront. It was difficult for me to understand because I was paying faithfully on my bill but they still threatened collection. Next year we go on Medicare and they don't accept Medicare. I would never go back there anyway. But it wouldn't hurt to see what financial assistance could over you at your hospital.
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