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Thread: What I Need to Know About Da Vinci surgery -- BEFORE & AFTER

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    Remember that we heal from the outside in So when your body looks healed, it still isn't. Ramp up slowly. Follow instructions about lifting. Protect your investment! Walking is the bridge between the first day post-op and eventual return to full activities.

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    This is just one study, but the results seem logical.

    Prehabilitation for radical prostatectomy: A multicentre randomized controlled trial [2018]



    Preoperative exercise and fitness are predictors of surgical recovery; however, little is known of the effect of preoperative exercise-based conditioning, known as prehabilitation, in this for men undergoing radical prostatectomy. Our study examined the feasibility and effects of prehabilitation on perioperative and postoperative outcomes in men undergoing radical prostatectomy.

    This feasibility RCT compared prehabilitation (PREHAB) versus a control condition (CON) in 86 men undergoing radical prostatectomy. PREHAB consisted of home-based, moderate-intensity exercise prior to surgery. Both groups received a preoperative pelvic floor training regimen. Feasibility was assessed via rates of recruitment, attrition, intervention duration and adherence, and adverse events. Clinical outcomes included surgical complications, and length of stay. The following outcomes were assessed at baseline, prior to surgery, and 4, 12, and 26-weeks postoperatively: 6-min walk test (6MWT), upper-extremity strength, quality of life, psychosocial wellbeing, urologic symptoms, and physical activity volume.

    The recruitment rate was 47% and attrition rates were 25% and 33% for PREHAB and CON, respectively. Adherence to PREHAB was 69% with no serious intervention-related adverse events. After the intervention and prior to surgery, PREHAB participants demonstrated less anxiety (P = 0.035) and decreased body fat percentage (P = 0.001) compared to CON. Four-weeks postoperatively, PREHAB participants had greater 6MWT scores of clinical significance compared to CON (P = 0.006). Finally, compared to CON, grip strength and anxiety were also greater in the PREHAB at 26-weeks (P = 0.022) and (P = 0.025), respectively.

    While feasible and safe, prehabilitation has promising benefits to physical and psychological wellbeing at salient timepoints relative to radical prostatectomy.
    [Emphasis mine]
    69 yr at Dx, BPH x 20 yr, 9 (!) neg. Bx, PCA3-
    7-05-13 TURP for BPH (90→30 g) path neg., then 6-mo. checks
    6-06-17 Nodule on R + PSA rise on finasteride: 3.6→4.3
    6-28-17 Bx #10: 2/14 cores: G10 (5+5) 50% RB, G9 (4+5) 3% RLM
    Bone scan, CTs, X-rays: neg.
    8-7-17 Open RP, neg. frozen sections, Duke Regional
    SM EPE BNI LVI SVI LNI(5L, 11R): negative, PNI+, nerves spared
    pT2c pN0 pMX acinar adenocarcinoma G9 (4+5) 5% of prostate (4.5x5x4 cm, 64 g)
    11-10-17 Decipher 0.37 Low Risk: 5-yr met risk 2.4%, 10-yr PCa-specific mortality 3.3%
    Dry; ED OK with sildenafil
    9-16-17 (5 wk) PSA <0.1
    LabCorp uPSA, Roche ECLIA:
    11-28-17 (3 m ) 0.010
    02-26-18 (6 m ) 0.009
    05-30-18 (9 m ) 0.007
    08-27-18 (1 yr.) 0.018 (?)
    09-26-18 (13 m) 0.013 (30-day retest)
    11-26-18 (15 m) 0.012
    02-25-19 (18 m) 0.015
    05-22-19 (21 m) 0.015
    08-28-19 (2 yr. ) 0.016
    Avg. = 0.013

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    Nice post about what to expect after the surgery:
    BD: 1959 PSA 4.9 11/2012 (no symptoms)
    Biopsy 12/2012 Negative
    PSA 5.9 05/2013 (still no symptoms)
    Biopsy 6/2013 3+4 (thank goodness for PSA tests)
    1 core positive (upper left), 1 suspicious (lower left) out of 12
    DRE: bump right side T1c; PCA-III = 20 (normal)

    Da Vinci 7/18/2013: Invasive carcinoma involves left lobe of prostate only, extends from left apex to posterior mid region of left lobe Gleason 7/10 (4+3); G4 tumor comprises 75% of invasive carcinoma present
    Estimated total volume of carcinoma in entire prostate gland: 10%
    TNM: T2b NX MX (Stage IIA)

    8/13 11/13 2/14 8/14 2/15 8/15 3/16, 8/16, 3/17,9/17,4/18, 9/18 PSA undetectable
    3/19: .1 (damn), 4/19,6/29 retests: .1 (damn)

    My Story:
    Catheter is Out!


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