Good Morning All
My mother was diagnosed with CUP (cancer unknown primary) we were told by
oncologist her cancer was of a generic variety what ever the heck that means.
She is stage four and advanced.
Her only symptom was a swollen leg and an MRI showed what was thought to be
a mass on her ovary but infact it was a 6 cm Inguinal (Groin) Lymph Node. This
mass has caused blood clots to form in her leg and she takes a daily shot of heparin
to combat the clots.
My mother has been through alot, she had surgery in May both her ovaries and tubes were removed for no good reason as her cancer was not there. She has developed a complication and can not longer urinate without use of a catheter.
She is has one more week of radiation and is suffering beyond belief with diarrhea
and general weakness.
I can not fathom why they can't find the primary source. The oncologist feels it
is in the female gyne track. She has been gone over with a fine tooth comb. With ovaries and tubes gone not much is left!!!
Oh yes, she also develoved an e coli infection after her surgery and a kidney stent tube had to be put in her left ureter after she develped septis which darn near took her out.
Even with all this she looks pretty good.
Any comments would be appreciated.
We still don't even know what is really wrong with her, where it is, or what her
prognosis would be with "CUP of a generic variety". To say we are frustrated is an
I can't believe a swollen leg led to all this hell.