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Thread: velcade: is it reallly an option?

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    velcade: is it reallly an option?

    My father has gone through thalidomide- dex and now is on melphalan- prednisone. Doctors say if this last treatment fails they want to put him on velcade (although they themselves aren't quite sure due to the deteriorated state of my dad).

    We've read velcade hurts more than it helps, but we want to hear your experiences.

    Thanks a lot!!

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    Hi, My mom passed away from MM on 6th of January 2014, and she was under Velcade.
    It depends really on your dad's physical state and his tolerance. The first 2 sessions, were horrible because of the pain, vomiting and diarrea. Normally doctors add dexamethasone( cortisone) to Velcade to increase the tolerance and ease the hurt. My mom was responding to Velcade & Thalidomide( she was intolerant to Melphalan), but MM carried her away nevertheless, because of anaemia, lack of appetite, depression, pain and above all infections. She died of pneumonia even if her counts were OK.

    Ask your doctor how much time is left.... sometimes its better to go for palliative care( strong painkillers) and not torture the patient

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    Hi! Velcade was my first chemo. In a little over two months after I began Velcade, I had a shingles attack and was in the hospital for four days, quarantined. In those few days and ever since I’ve had nunbness in my scalp going all the way down to my right eye, and my right eye, which used to be my good eye and my dominant eye, is now legally blind. In May which would be five months after Velcade began, I developed neuropathy in both feet; at times it has gone up to my ankles, and this numbness in my feet has not and remains where it was in 2012. Velcade did get my numbers to the point where I could go to San Antonio and have my blood marrow transplant.
    In their own literature, which I sat in the clinic and read before I had my first Velcade treatment, it states that over 75% of Velcade patients develop neuropathy.


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