My son has had terrible pain for awhile, until Chemo started on Thursday. Then we saw a miraculous change, and he was much more comfortable. While at the hospital (he was there for pain management), the interventional radiologist came by to talk to us about Ablation of Bone Lesions to relieve pain.

Has anyone had this done?
Is it effective? Is it painful?
How long did it help?
Was the effect immediate?
Could this help someone with Metastasis to the bone in replacement of radiation (this question is for a dear friend of mine who just found out her bladder cancer has gone to her hip bone, and the pain has started).

Chemo was on Thursday, and today his pain has started to return.

He is diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkins Lymphoma. His trunk is 'riddled' with bone lesions. His hips, spine, ribs, and scapula all have lesions.

Thanks for any input.