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Thread: Recovery!!! Squamous cell cancer...head and neck:treatment chemo/radiation.

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    Recovery!!! Squamous cell cancer...head and neck:treatment chemo/radiation.

    Hi All...
    It's been 2 years now and I,m cancer-free...I just had a 2nd PETscan showing NO-Cancer anywhere...Thank you Jesus...I had a cyst removed in 2005 after it swelled in my neck and was noticeable..I was told that it was sent off to the mayo clinic, that it was squamous cell cancer,stage 4A ,with a tumor in the base of my tongue, my ear nose throat doctor said it was capsulized and he saw no spreading, so I choose not to have any chemo or radiation, but after a 5 year break(2010), another lump on my neck, this time it was tumors in lymph nodes and that a primary tumor was located at the base of my tongue(By sticking a scope down my nose) then having a CTscan and MRI, it should be noted I never smoked but was a drinker for quite awhile, I,m in my 50's, and health was good. After surgery to remove 8 nodes, I immediately began chemo, which was (5)Eurbitux and (35) radiation treatments. The eurbitux was not bad , no hair-loss, however you get the bad rash (acne)during treatment, but after treatment rash goes away quickly, and was not sick at all...The radiation required getting a mask made to hold your head still during the 30 min ,5 day aweek treatments...the radiation is painless,but side-effects however after week 3-4 begin to cause problems eating, the sores in mouth were horrible and painful, the miracle mouthwash you get at pharmacy in the Large bottles..was great for killing pain, after losing weight and no longer able to eat by mouth, I then had to have another surgery to have a pegtube put in, it too is not bad, you just pour liquid food into a funnel to you stomach to eat. After finishing treatment of radiation, your mouth heals quickly, sores gone, acne gone, I did lose salvia in my mouth so now I have to drink tea/water/coffee all the time as my mouth is always dry somewhat. I had the tube removed after about 5 months after treatment, the sooner you get it removed, the better, and quicker you will eat by mouth...My taste came back after a short while, some drinks hurt my tongue, pop/beer/wine and spicey food burns more, so you'll adjust. I did get a turkey neck(flabby skin under neck/chin)from radiation, however it will smooth out also overtime...Summary...Although going through the treatments are nerve racking, and you will mark-off each day to the last treatment, YOU will recover quickly, and although you will not be the same as before, YOU are ALIVE...family members are a big help as are all caregivers, church members and friends are a great help...turn away no one, you will experience crying spells, sadness, no-hope, frustrations,anxietys and may refuse to finish treatments because of daily pain, but push on. I can tell you, YOU will get better, it will take a small amount of time, have friends, family go with you on chemo days, to talk to..read, watch tv,facebook, do as much as you can when feeling good, most ,if not all the doctor's,nurses, technicians, are there to help you get through a rough time...Cancer is no-longer a Death sentence, So get the treatments going, fight the good fight, and Happy Recovery to to live a long long time.....And with the exception of reading this or other testimonys, stay away from the internet, you will read or see bad info and try to apply it to your case and that makes things worst. God Bless...Charles in Ohio...P.S. I,M retired Officer and enjoying everyday with my family,friends,grandkids...Life Is Good!!! and yours will get better also

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    Husband newly diagnosed

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences on here. My husband was recently diagnosed with Squamous Cell of the throat/tonsil area, so I'm trying to learn as much as I can to help him thru this process and help him beat cancer.

    I'm a three-time cancer survivor myself, so cancer is not new to us, but it's always scary when you hear the "C" word.

    Look forward to learning from each of you and having your support.

    Prayers to each of you for a cancer-free life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanterusa View Post
    I had head neck cancer 7 years ago. I did not go through any chemo and did not go through surgery. I went through hyperthermia treatments with low level radiation. I had many of the symptoms that Charlie55 had with loss of saliva, weight loss, foods being spicy and sores in my mouth. And they all went away or got better but I can't speak to the chemo or surgery part as I refuse to take part in that sort of treatment. Good luck to your husband . . .
    Hi kanterusa

    how are you doing now??? Still cancer free?
    I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.

    Only I will remain.


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