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Thread: What I Need to Know About ED

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    ED - Give it Time

    Had Davinci Robotic Prostatectomy September 2011. Surgery was nerve sparing. First several months I tried ED meds with less than fantastic results. After a year, with ED meds, was able to achieve a firm erection. Now, two years out, no longer need ED meds for good erection. When my urologist told me it could take two years, I understood that to mean "good luck...trying to encourage but it won't happen..." Now I know it can happen. Every guy is different, but it does take a long time to heal to max ability.

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    You are still early. Took me 2 years to regain strong erections without ED meds. My thoughts: Use ED meds until no longer needed; partners can be satisfied without an erection; don't give up on sex.

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    Nice to see a Dr. on here Doc! I had non-nerve sparring surgery 4 months ago. I have no hope of an erection. My Urologist said I could try pills, but he didn't sound to hopeful. He said that after a year, which will be in the spring after I get back from Fl. we could talk about Penile Implants. He said that for the first 3 weeks I would wonder why I ever considered it because it would be painful. But by the 8th week when I could actually use it, the results would be great. The hydraulic type are considered the top of the line and that is what I am looking into. I have read nothing but good about them. Like Race, my wife doesn't care one way or the other. She gets satisfied either way, me, I miss being able to dip my wick.

    However, at 67 which I will be in Mar., I keep wondering is it worth the pain & trouble. I am in great health and barring the unforeseen should live to be 100.

    Age 66,
    Biopsy 2006 neg. 11/07 PSA1.7, 12/08 PSA 2.5,6/10 PSA 3.7, 7/5/11 PSA 4.4, 7/19/11 PSA 4.1, Went on Jayln, 3/12 PSA 1.7, 3/13 PSA 1.1

    5/3/13 Biopsy, (4+3) 15%, (4+3) 40%, (4+3) 60%, (4+4) 15%, & 1 core looking suspicious, out of 12 cores taken.
    CT scan negative, bone scan negative. Stage T2C.

    RRP 06/11/13 Cath. out after 7 days

    Path Report: Prostate wt. 29g.Size 3.5x3x3 cm. Adenocarcinoma, Gleason 4+3=7, proportion involved 15%, dominate tumor size 1.2cm, Margins, negative. Extraprostatic extension: left posterior, right posterior, right base. Seminal vesicle invasion: Not identified, Lympovascular invasion :Indeterminate, Path staging TNM, Primary tumor T3a, No regional lymph node metastasis.

    PSA 8/13/13 <0.1
    PSA 10/23/13 <0.1

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    I'm 52 and three weeks out and have a similar story. I got out of a marriage where I was at the point where I didn't even want sex. I got out and soon I was having issues. I thought it was age but it was the start of PC. I met a wonderful sexy 42 yo woman who gave me a reason to want to get things working again. The other night I felt things happening. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come . I've been working out harder for the last two years , than I ever have. I. E been eating the same way. I believe these are all helping me in this latest battle.

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    Race, congratulations. Having the right partner makes all the difference in the journey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
    You are still early. Took me 2 years to regain strong erections without ED meds. My thoughts: Use ED meds until no longer needed; partners can be satisfied without an erection; don't give up on sex.
    I'm curious.
    Which meds and what was the dosage -- ie how many mg of Viagara.

    Here's my story. Cancer at 46 yo, daVinci RRP exactly one year ago and I'm single. I wasn't in a relationship and haven't been in one, so I really wasn't sure about my ED issues. I have zero incontinence problems.

    I haven't dated in the last year, but I'm happy to say that I met someone and a very nice relationship seems to be building. I tried 10mg Staxyn and the erection wasn't hard enough. She's very understanding of the PC survivor thing. However, I'd like to try another vasodilator to see if it would work better, but not sure which one or how much.

    (yes, I realize I may need to wait another year or so for things to get back closer to normal...)
    Diagnosed at age 46
    PSA: 19.9, DRE negative
    Biopsy on 8/16:
    2 of 12 cores Positive, Gleason score 3+3
    Bone Scan & CT Scan both negative

    Single father
    Active: play ice hockey, lacrosse official, like to swim, bike and run

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    Scott, before my surgery I had ED issues from BPH. 100 mg of Viagra, the highest dose available, worked fairly well for me. The 50 mg pills did nothing. I never tried Cialis but most say it works the same as Viagra although I understand the dosage is different.
    Now almost 4 months post surgery the Viagra isn't doing anything, so I am using the pump with marginal success. Hoping that in time I can get back to pre-surgery levels...we'll see.
    Good luck

    BD 1950
    DRE in 2005 showed right lobe enlarged/hard
    Biopsies in 2006 and 2009 both negative
    Biopsy May 2013 positive 1 of 14 cores
    4+3=7 T2a. PSA 2.9
    daVinci surgery 7/17/13 by Dr. Dennis LaRock
    Final pathology 7/29/13
    Tumor size 1.5 cm
    PC found on both lobes (biopsy indicated one)
    T2b Gleason 4+3=7
    Negative margins
    first post surgery psa 8/30/13 undetectable
    second post surgery psa 11/23/13 undetectable
    18 month post surgery psa 2/17/15 undetectable
    5 year post surgery psa 3/20/18 undetectable

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    Typically, Viagra comes in 100mg or 50mg doses (there might be 25, but I never tried it). Generally it is effective for about 4 hr. (I have had Viagra working for me much longer). Cialis comes in 20mg, and will stay in you system for about 3 days. Cialis also comes in 5mg pills you can take everyday. (I suppose you know, you must be aroused to get erect.)
    Both of these worked for me, starting about 5mo post surgery. Before that, not so good.
    Cialis tends to give me a headache, especially with alcohol. So I kina prefer Viagra.
    You should also be aware of trimix injections, that work great.
    Diagnosed at age 52.
    PSA in 2000 2.2
    02/24/2011 3.8
    08/24/2011 5.2
    Biopsy on 10/3/2011
    Malignant in 1 of 8 cores. Gleason 3+3=6
    11/15/2011 Open Retropubic Radical Prostatectomy
    Negative Margins
    post - op PSA:
    01/15/2012 undetectable
    07/15/2012 undetectible
    01/10/2013 undetectable
    07/16/2013 undetectable
    01/21/2014 undetectable

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    Interesting posts
    I work closely with a guy in Sydney who is a psycho-oncologist (clin psych w special interest in PC)
    you should read his website
    I personally think that ED recovery needs a three point plan
    1. Kegels (specifically with a bias to the base of the penis - puboperineal muscles)
    2. GP led pharmacologic support (+/- injections/VED's)
    3. Psych support (because nothing deflates an erection in even the most potent of men but anxiety!)

    Just my thoughts....

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    I think all those are valid, just need a more detail about the approach to pharmacological support.. I mean has there been any trials in what is potentially the best mix of cialis / Viagra in what dosages at what times? When is the best time to consider injections post surgery and depending on what results are achieved from drugs..

    Happy to hear your thoughts as I don't know and the doctors say that there isn't anyone who really knows


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