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Thread: What I Need to Know About ED

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariod View Post
    experimenting, I have been doing that since the 60s...serioulsy though I was always very active sexually until this PC thing. I take Cialis daily and Viagra as a booster, not much happens...Depressing. The worst thing is leakage while trying to get an erection....I wish there was a pill to stop the desires...
    mariod, I went through the leakage while trying injections (which were horribly painful). I was so disgusted I didn't even want to try anymore. I got a penile implant and within a month of healing well enough to use it (still leaking) I started the hormone therapy. Talk about stopping the desires, I have a hard time spelling SEX! The Cialis and Viagra never even caused a stir.
    Age 47, 12/1/11 - Diagnosed with Prostate cancer. PSA- 28, Gleason 4+3=7, Biopsy 7 of 12 samples positive.
    1/31/12 Radical Prostectomy via DaVinci robot at Henry Ford Macomb. Surgeon, Dr. Randy Chudler. I would recommend him. Final pathology, 1mm cancer remained.
    March 2012 PSA- .07
    June 2012 PSA- 0.0
    December of 2012 after no return of erection I received a penile implant (BAD Decision).
    Jan. 2013 PSA .17
    April 2013 PSA .25
    May 2013 began Eligard 60 Hormone Therapy
    May 2013 8 weeks of External Radiation.
    September 2013 PSA .04 continued Eligard
    Jan 2014 PSA 0.0 continued Eligard
    March 2016 PSA <0.1
    Oct 2016 PSA <0.1
    Jan 2017 PSA <0.1
    Oct 2017 PSA <0.1
    June 2018 PSA 0.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob_R View Post
    I think all those are valid, just need a more detail about the approach to pharmacological support.. I mean has there been any trials in what is potentially the best mix of cialis / Viagra in what dosages at what times? When is the best time to consider injections post surgery and depending on what results are achieved from drugs..

    It's tough
    I think, like with all medications.... people often have varying responses
    (and that combined with every surgery having a different extent of the surgical 'trauma' - which will also affect the degree of tissue damage and subsequent recovery)
    So the best thing is to work closely with your GP or mens health specialist GP ( I refer people to Dr Michael Lowy in Sydney who is brilliant) because sometimes you have to play with medication a bit to get the best outcomes

    Theres no rule book....just guidelines.....the trick (i think) is to get someone interested enough to try to play with the meds to get the best for YOU

    Hope this helps

    Stuart Baptist | Director | Senior Physiotherapist | BSc (Hons) Physio | RPT | MAPA | CFA
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob_R View Post
    I think all those are valid, just need a more detail about the approach to pharmacological support.. what is potentially the best mix of cialis / Viagra in what dosages at what times?
    My prescription is 20 mg cialis on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; 100 mg Viagra 1 hour before intercourse on Tuesday and Saturday. Started using Muse in place of Viagra one day each week around six months post surgery. Intercourse able seven months out.
    Age 63, DRE Normal, Dr. Tewari; 1/11, PSA 6.96, Free PSA 20%, PCA3 74.5, MRI mild capsule irregularity; 2/11 Biopsy - 49 cores; Gleason 6, 2% in 1/3 cores; Gleason 6, 5% in 1/3 cores; Active Surveillance, Grandfather, Father, Brother have PC, Genetic Testing negative; 7/11, PSA 7.89, Free PSA 14%, PCA3 127.8; 8/11, MRI - no change; 10/11, PSA 7.4, PCA3 24.1, Biopsy - 52 cores; right lateral mid: Gleason 6, 5% in 1/3 cores; 5/12, PSA 10.77, Free PSA 8%, PCA3 41.6, MRI irregularity less apparent; 7/12 PSA 11.25, Ultrasound; 10/12 MRI No change, PSA 10.09, Free PSA 9%, PCA3 284; 12/12 Robotic Surgery (pTNM): pT2c: Bilateral disease, organ confined, 10% of prostate, Gleason 7(3+4), with microscopic mucinous change and focal intraductal extension, margins negative; Intercourse able @ 7 months; stopped [email protected] 11 months & reduced Cialis to 5mg + Viagra; 12 months only Viagra; 2 years only need Viagra; 5 years (2)20mg Sildenafil, PSA 3/18<.006

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    The ED problem could need the examination of a specialist. I went a year without much success with the pump and Cialis. My urologist sent me to a PA who specialized in ED and I tried 15 units of Trimix and it has given me back my sex life. In some ways I am having better sex and having strong orgasms. What I am noticing is a progression. Try the drugs and pump, move to Trimix, then penile implant.
    BD: 3/8/50
    PSA .864 2009
    PSA 1.68 2012
    PSA <0.08 7/12 one month after surgery, PSA <0.08 three months after surgery, 9 month PSA <0.08, 1 year PSA<0.08, 15 months PSA <0.08
    2/2012 Biopsy 4+3 (7)
    Da Vinci Robotic Surgery 6/2012
    Histologic grade Gleason 4+5 (9)
    Nerves spared
    Right lobe involved 26%
    Seminal vesicles negative for tumor
    Lymph vascular invasion not identified
    Margins negative for tumors
    Pathologic stage: T2b N0

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    Well I guess patience is the key just hitting 7 weeks now and doing 6 days 5mg of cialis with 1 day Viagra 100mg, last week was positive but nothing amazing, this week I took it on an empty stomach and had a light dinner and everything went a blue haze.. was most interesting, that aside much better result. Not towel hanging great but useable.. looks like longer term I maybe OK, the Doctor offered injections in the new year but if this progresses will just stick the the current therapy.

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    I popped a blue one the other night. Next morning the gf and i both had a pleasant surprise. Ill have to try the empty stomach idea.

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    yeah and at night, watch all the light turn a light fluro blue.. I loved it

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    is it common to get results 12 hours after taking it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsteve View Post
    is it common to get results 12 hours after taking it?
    I don't think it's common, but I know I have had times when Viagra was still helping me out 8-10 hours after taking it.
    Diagnosed at age 52.
    PSA in 2000 2.2
    02/24/2011 3.8
    08/24/2011 5.2
    Biopsy on 10/3/2011
    Malignant in 1 of 8 cores. Gleason 3+3=6
    11/15/2011 Open Retropubic Radical Prostatectomy
    Negative Margins
    post - op PSA:
    01/15/2012 undetectable
    07/15/2012 undetectible
    01/10/2013 undetectable
    07/16/2013 undetectable
    01/21/2014 undetectable

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    I'm at about 3-4 mons and have popped 100 mg of V three times lately and I got some growth and semi hard but it didn't last long. Also got a big headache !


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