A thread for those undiagnosed.

If you are writing to say that you are worried because you have symptoms related to Pancreatic Cancer but you haven't been to a doctor yet, here is a summary of what we are probably going to say to you:

* Don't panic!
* Consulting Google will only increase your fears.

Dr. Google can convince people that they are seriously ill when mostly they are not.

* You probably don't have Pancreatic Cancer. There are hundreds of things that can cause symptoms similar to PC but most are not, in fact, PC!

* Unfortunately, we cannot tell you that you definitely do NOT have PC either. We are not doctors, and the ONLY way that PC can be diagnosed is with a biopsy of an affected area. What we can tell you is that you are obviously concerned, so you should seek medical counsel for your own peace of mind.

* In summary, if you are concerned, go see a doctor. If you are not satisfied with how they treat you, see another one. You are the greatest advocate for your own health, as you have the greatest stake in it.

* If you have been to a doctor who suspects Pancreatic Cancer, or have the discovery of a condition that may be pre-cancerous or cancerous (ie: pancreatic cysts) and you are currently undergoing tests specifically for Pancreatic Cancer, we will support you through diagnosis. However, if a doctor tells you that you do NOT have PC, please refrain from posting your fears on this site as there is nothing else we can do to help you. This has proven to be upsetting to our members who are currently battling PC or have loved ones who are.