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Thread: Gem vs. GemAbraxine Mix

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    Gem vs. GemAbraxine Mix

    Hi. Well my husband finished his first round of chemo (Gem/Abraxine) end of Aug. He was very, very sick from the chemo loosing 10lbs per week, N/V, Diarrhea and Hiccups...not just little annoying ones but "take your breath away", 72hr straight hiccups. He finally received a rx for Reglan and dissolvable Zofran - what a blessing.

    With a 2 week hiatus, he almost decided to quite and let nature take its course. However, after speaking to the MD yesterday we have decided to do one more round of Gemcitabine ONLY! in hopes of less side effects. The MD told us that the Abraxine was responsible for 90% of the crappy side effects and we should experience next to nothing from Gem only. Can anyone agree with this opinion? Online I'm finding that the side effects are not reduced and that we should expect the same reaction to the this treatment.

    I'd appreciate anyone with experience with Gem only treatment to comment on the side effects/quality of life.

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    My dad had gemcitabine only treatments and the side effects were not terrible. He experienced a lot of fatigue and some slight nausea. The oncologist told us that people seem to tolerate this drug pretty well. He got his treatments on Tuesdays. By Friday the fatigue really hit hard. By Monday it started to let up. Then back the next day for another treatment. He did need blood transfusion a few times because the chemo lowered his counts so much, and that helped. I hope your husband tolerates it as well as my dad did.

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    My dad also had mild side effects from Gemcitabine until the end of his 6 weeks course of treatment. But, it's one of those things that you never know what's going to happen until you try since it effects everyone so differently. Common sense would say that it can't be worse than with the Abraxane, right?

    I hope that it works well for him and he gets some relief from feeling so lousy.

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    I did six months of Gem and while the side effects were not fun, they were not awful either. Generally fatigue and flu like symptoms would come on a day or two after treatment and then gradually get better until it was time for the next dose. I started 3 weeks on and one off and got changed to two on and one off which made the side effects easier to deal with. Also had to put up of chemo mouth and loss of my taste buds but that cleared up after I finished the treatments.
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