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Thread: disability, SSDI and FMLA limits

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    disability, SSDI and FMLA limits

    I had a mastectomy for extensive DCIS w/ ~15 nodes removed and a free TRAM reconstruction and a hernia repair on Aug 10th. It was 15 hours of surgery and I spent 2 nights in ICU and 3 more in the hospital after that. I was originally planning to be back at work by now but becuase there was 1 positive node and 1.5 cm of invasive cancer found they started me on a dense dose AC/Taxol Chemo schedule about 3 weeks ago. I have 2 kids under the age of 5 years and now feel like it would be too stressful with my treatment schedule and side effects to try and return to work during my treatment. But the cost of childcare just for me to go to all my appts even is a strain right now.

    I was told that my disability was approved but am still waiting to see the first check after 6+ weeks. I am wondering how long the disabilty will even pay? and what will happen with my job if I exceed the 12 weeks FMLA time and stay out until my chemo is finished around xmas? And how likely is it that I will even feel up to going back to work right away in Jan after this treatment course is completed?

    I understand that SSDI doesn't pay unless you are disabled for at least 1 year?

    alexis in Northern VA

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    disability payments

    Hi Alexis - I noticed you had no replies to your query on disability rights/payments. You might care to go to:www.breastcancer.org and post your question there. I have seen a topic on this in the past on that site but as I live in the UK, I didn't really take it in.
    Good luck, Liz.


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