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Thread: chemotherapy and marijuana

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    chemotherapy and marijuana

    I hear that marijuana is legal for medical use in lots of the states. Anyone have any info regarding the use of POT to suppress some of the bad side effects of Chemotherapy? I remember back in my college days I took a puff here and there and it always made me extremely hungry and thirsty.
    Considering discussing this with the uncologist next week since it is legal in the state I live in for medical purposes only. I hear you can get it for medical purposes in a form that can be eaten and not smoked.
    My ex girl friend had suggested this to me a few weeks ago before I started ChemoTherapy and at that time I did not take her seriously. But now, after reading all the horrible side effects associated with the usual nausea medication that the uncologist prescribe for the side effects .. I am wondering if this might be worth a try ..

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    I my guess is that it has an indirect beneficial effect, since Doritos therapy is a well known treatment that always makes you feel better no matter what the ailment. Be careful with Twinkies ingestion, however. I can only imagine what those do to our already damaged intestinal tract.
    In all semi-seriousness, I have never heard of any reliable medical study that shows pot to have a medicinal effect. It is certainly not the wonder drug that its advocates claim.
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    More chemo 5/08
    Chemo fries bone marrow, 9 days in hospital isolation 7/08
    Recurrence confirmed in pelvic region 12/09
    Tumor radiated with Cyberknife treatment 3/10
    Recurrence/metastasis in pelvis/abdomen 11/10
    Xeloda/Avastin 12/10 to 01/13
    Progression to lungs found 1/13
    Erbitux 01/13 to 01/14
    Acute renal failure, six days in hospital, all chemo stopped for now, 11/13
    Restarted Erbitux, lower dose 12/13
    Kidney function dips again, chemo suspended again. 2/14
    New chemo regimen of low-dose Irrenotecan started 4/14.
    Further progression into lungs, chemo halted, referred to Huntsman Cancer Center for possible clinical trials.
    Lung biopsy confirms that nodules are metastatic, enrolled in clinical trial at Huntsman. 11/14
    Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
    I my guess is that it has an indirect beneficial effect, since Doritos therapy is a well known treatment that always makes you feel better no matter what the ailment. Be careful with Twinkies ingestion, however. I can only imagine what those do to our already damaged intestinal tract.
    In all semi-seriousness, I have never heard of any reliable medical study that shows pot to have a medicinal effect. It is certainly not the wonder drug that its advocates claim.
    there was an eye opening special on CNN regarding its medical usage. Israel seems to take it very seriously

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    It is mostly used to manage nausea, insomnia and decreased appetite. While many claim it's effective, it doesn't do anything for some people and makes the problem worse for others. It can interact with your prescription medications, particularly pain meds.

    If you're serious about it, there's plenty of reputable information about medical marijuana online. As medical use is legal under your state law, you could go to a medical marijuana dispensary and ask the person who operates the dispensary about what documents you must obtain from your doctor in order to use/grow marijuana for medical use.

    Keep in mind: although medical marijuana may be legal according to your state code, it is still not legal under federal code. Its use may also be a violation of your employee code of conduct.

    Yes, you can use your medical hemp to make "marijuana butter" which you then cook or bake with.

    Hemp seeds are nutritious and a good source of Omega 3 oils.

    Honestly, I see a lot of people who have permits for medical marijuana and most of them are just glorified pot heads. They were so messed up to start with, there's no telling if the MJ is doing anything for them or not. I'd focus more on increasing your intake of high calorie foods which are also nutrient dense and adequate hydration. If the person who's advocating medicinal use is also a strong advocate of recreational use, that makes for questionable credibility in my book.

    If you're talking to someone who's an advocate for medical use and they're talking about THC content, alcohol solubility, tinctures, etc., then it might be a conversation worth having.

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    June 2013: Port placement. Oxaliplatin, Erbitux, Xeloda
    August 2013: PET scan; NED
    September 2013: surgical repair of inguinal hernia
    November 2013: PET scan; NED
    January 2014: Changed out oxi for Irinotecan; continue Erbitux, Xeloda
    March 2014: PET scan; NED

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    Hi George

    If it is legal then try it for sure. It does help with nausea for some people and it does help in stimulating the appetite for some types of chemotherapy. If you haven't had it for a long time be very careful as it can make you very paranoid and it can make you depressed.

    Good Luck
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    Maybe I'm just old fashioned and positively anti drug, so I declare I'm biased.
    I've never used any un prescribed drugs nor would I, but that's just me I guess.

    We have a world that is fighting illegal drug use and here we are discussing the benefits of a (in the UK) a controlled drug.
    To clarify, I'm not judging anyone, I just find it incomprehensible that we ban alternative treatments debate, yet openly discuss a controlled substance and in certain countries a illegal drug and in a few countries possession and use gets the death penalty.
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    Radical resection April 011
    Restaged 2b April 011.
    12/09 Colonoscopy clear but picked up hospital infection.
    Aorta & femoral arteries occluded.
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    Aortobifemoral surgery 5th May. yughh.
    PET scan indicates clear
    DEXA bone scan clear
    13/5 CT showed "unknown" but no concern from docs.
    Inguinal lymph nodes and severe groin pain.
    Ultrasound and MRI show no nasties. Pheww
    Groin pain and enlarged lymph nodes still there.
    October -still the same pains but under semi control.
    Additional chest CT scan ordered for 11th November prior to surgery.
    Sinus surgery done and dusted.
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    Prostate Cancer confirmed Gleason 3+4.
    Active surveillance ceased and intervention recommended.
    PET CT Aug 2017 indicated lung nodule changes
    CT Guided biopsy 07/09 to be done.
    Just a little recurrence and another 20 cm of colon vanished under the knife.

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    As I said in another post, got it for my dad when he was in treatment and the only thing it did was help his nausea. I myself never needed it, never liked it, and really don't care what other people do with it. As far as legality in the great state of New Jersey here, I'll give my take on it.

    Not wanting to get all political, really, I love our governor. Wish he would have run for president last time but hope he does next time. Yes, it was made legal here but you cannot get it. Remember, Christy was a prosecutor in his past life and has all kinds of wrenches into the laws surrounding that. There are no approved dispensaries in the state.

    From what I have read though, if you get your hands on it, the best way to go is to get a vaporizer. You have to google it. Like I said, not into the "illegals" but I do believe if it is something to help someone battling this hell than the yahould have access to it even if it is psychosomatic.

    Walk around some of those fields up there in Basking Ridge and you might stumble across someone's growing stash. Watch out you don't get shot though but then I guess you wouldn't have to worry about anything the.
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    Clean scans so far.
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    Fire it up and see what happends..

    My last r-chop out of six is in two weeks.Finished 20 sessions of radi..... mmmmmm (I forgot what I was going to say) Just kidding.I smoked from the start of my chemo and it was a breeze.My appetite was awsome! Due to steroids I have very mild nausea for a few days after sessions.The rest of the three weeks no problem.Lab tests perrrfffect.Worked and played during my chemo.Only side affect...mild fatigue and loss of hair.Another problem was that I'm in Mexico, and believe it or not the pot here sucks! Garbage!But it did the job.Now, I'm not promoting smoking pot for chemo.I'm simply saying that It helped me cope and that it did dimish the so called terrible known chemo side affets.As long as it's legal and you're not hurting anyone I would say to let me know if you run into some real good weed
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    all I know about it is yes it is available but only under a prescription which most doctors would rather not give. It doesnt come in toke form its pulverized in a pill form.
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    April 07-xeloda-overdose
    surgery-1/3liver,partial diaphra, removed clipped and questionable spots oblated.
    port-port rejection-port removed 1week.
    picc line,5fu,oxyplatin,camptosar.
    Oct-08-surgery-remaining ovary engulfed in tumor,partial bone scrape.
    transfusion central line TPN 1 month.
    oct-09-surgery tumor ,colon and jejuneum removed.
    xeloda reduced. severe dehydration,heart attack.
    mar-11 return to original site-oxyplatin,5fu
    dec-28-blood transfusion
    dec-30-back to chemo erbitux camtosar
    Jan-16 injections neulasta and aranesp
    feb 21-Tumor found stomach,liver, and liver "hot spots" inflamed lymph in rt ureter in kidney causing obstruction-surgery schedualed Mar 16.
    march 16/12-no more kidney obstruction not lymph ...dehydration is causing blockage, two litters blood for anemia, stomach liver tumor small-med,abalation, 1 hidden tumor deep in muscle mass on side flank(hid from scans) -gone!
    june/15/12-blood transfusion
    starting a regimine of celebrex
    aug/16/12-blood transfusion
    aug/30-12 discontinued celebrex -failure one kidney. needed to see urologist
    sept/10-12-good urologist report one kidney functioning well for now.
    oct/23/12-chemo pill Stivarga(regorafenib)
    Nov/22/12-blood transfusion
    dec/18/12-blood transfusion chemo pill dosage cut back to 1 pill.
    Feb/21/13 neulasta injection
    Feb/22/13-blood transfusion. still taking stivarga.
    mar/20/13-arenespt injection rehydration and magnesium IV
    mar/21/13-acute renal failure-kidney infection
    april/1/13.-recovery from 4 day coma infection cleared/4 units blood/ off stivarga/starting rehab therapy,
    swollen hand no apparent reason black spots in vision off and on. both cleared up.
    may/22/13-home oxycodone for pain shoulder neck arm
    june/1/13 pain subsided off oxy onto aleve
    june/09/13-pain back off aleve on vicodin
    june 10/13-cancer in back/neck- starting radiation for arm neck and shoulder pain.
    june24/13-last day of radiation-on steroids
    july1/13-swollen legs and feet-lasix off steroids still on vicodin and xanax
    july 23/13 vicodin cut in half blood transfusion.
    sept/6/13-off all pain meds since late aug
    scan results fracture in spine mid back
    sept/12/13-spine healing on its own,weaning off steroids, no visible tumors.
    nov/7/13-edema both legs and one arm on lasix since oct.
    nov/21/13- leg edema subsiding still alot in one arm- she is talking but keeps her eyes closed. achy but no major pain. nurse and aide to visit once a week schedualed. having trouble standing.
    nov/24/13-sadly but peacefully moms cancer journey is at an end, she will start her new spiritual journey together hand in hand with dad.

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    thanks for info

    I think, during my crazy side effects last night, I might have sent a message regarding this to the oncologist web portal. Have to check to see what the response was.
    I know that Sloan Kettering ChemoTherapy department appears to be rather strict when it comes to using their protocol.


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