Good Morning.

Went to the ER over the weekend for GI issues, actually, & the scan came back showing multiple, non-calcified pulmonary parenchymal nodules on my lung bases.
Largest is 6 mm on the right.

It lists Metastatic Disease as a possibility.
Doesn't that mean if it is cancer on my lungs, that it spread there from somewhere else?

I have a Hiatal Hernia, w/ the usual Acid Reflux issues accompanying it, & was
told years ago that the acid coming into the esophagus eats away at it, & increases the chances of esophageal cancer.

Obviously, I'm scared.
I'm married w/ 3 kids aged 7-9, & my wife & I are stunned.

They haven't done the follow up scan yet...I'm still waiting for it to be scheduled.

Anyone w/ a similar issue out there to let me hear their story?

God bless all of you.