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Thread: apricot seeds

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    apricot seeds

    can someone give me some info about cancer cure chances with this seed, and also how many a day should be taken

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    I've heard that the best way is with IV's and that if you do eat the seeds, there are many to eat and taste really bitter. Have you tried the essiac tea? Do you have cancer? if so, what kind?

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    WARNING! Apricot seeds can cause CYANIDE POISONING!! My husband and I have eaten apricot seeds from time to time as a preventative measure against any cancer that may be unknowingly in our bodies. Yesterday I had the idea that maybe we could grind them into a powder and take them that way. In the evening he tried it: ground some seeds (approx 40) in the coffee grinder and took approx 1 1/2 TBSP, chasing with water. In a few minutes he started feeling dizzy. I got on the internet and read about apricots and cyanide poisoning (oh no!) He immediately took Vitamin C to try and expel the poison. We drove to the hospital and parked in the ER parking lot (just in case, as some of the possible symptoms are comatose and death). Over about an hour he took a total of 3000mg Vit C and 500mg Resveretrol. He also drank copious amounts of water! His skin was redder than usual and he was cold (his hands especially were very cold to the touch). He experienced some nausea. Lessons learned: 1) ALWAYS research BEFORE experimenting 2) B17 in Apricot seeds is powerful stuff... be sure to consult someone with experience in using it!

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    Okie Gal, thank you for sharing your story. Although anecdotal, your story just corroborates what other studies have shown: Apricot Seeds are dangerous.
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    1992 Astrocytoma grade 2, left motor strip
    2005 Recurrence this time said to be an Oligodendroglioma grade 3, same location.
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    They can be dangerous if used without proper knowledge.

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    This thread is being closed for the following reason: "Advocating for products or therapies that are unsafe or illegal"

    While apricot seeds have been used traditionally and historically in many regions as a cancer preventative and cure, the danger of cyanide poisoning has led to apricot seeds (along with bitter almonds) being banned in some countries. Personally, I really value "natural" medicine as a complement to Western medicine. However, "natural" cannot always be equated with safe, healthy, beneficial or curative, as is often the case.

    There is no scientific study (that I can find, please inform me if I am mistaken) that proves the benefits of apricot seeds for cancer prevention and treatment. Meanwhile, it is widely known and documented that apricot seeds contain amygdalin that breaks down into cyanide in the human body, which can cause immediate death if enough is ingested.

    If you are going to take apricot seeds for cancer prevention or treatment, please keep a couple of things in mind. One, the dosage that another person took may not be the appropriate dosage for you. An amount that causes no side effects in one person may be enough to cause cyanide poisoning in another. Two, if you are going to ingest apricot seeds, please first speak to your doctor or nutritionist, be aware of the side effects and treatment of cyanide poisoning and start small--10 kernels has been reported to be enough to kill a child. U.K.'s Food Standards Agency has limited its "safe intake" amount to 1-2 kernels per day. The amount that some alternative cancer treatment companies recommend can be upwards of 30 times this limit.

    If you have access to a peer-reviewed, reputable, scientific research study that has demonstrated the benefits of amygdalin (or apricot seeds) for cancer prevention and/or treatment, please PM it to me, and I will consider adding the link to this message. However, please do not start another thread to criticize this decision to close this thread. You are more than welcome to PM me your concerns or questions.

    As it is against our policy to advocate products that are considered unsafe or illegal, this thread is now closed.

    The Admin Team


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