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Thread: Chemo cost questions.

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    Chemo cost questions.

    Hi all... My 44 y.o. female cousin is currently diagnosed w/ IDC in her left breast, and has had a mastectomy. Her lymph node was also inflammed (no result from biopsy of LN yet as her surg. was today). My question is this: I am wondering what the average chemotherapy costs are per treatment. Just a ballpark figure, as I have not yet been told what exact drugs she will be given (any ideas what they may administer?) She will most likely be paying cash until that runs out since she cancelled her insurance policy prior to getting this disease.

    Edit update. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. She tested positive for cancer in three lymph nodes, and her cancer was stage 2b. She begins chemo this week, so we shall see soon enough...

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    I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. From our experience with my husband's mom, she has stage 4 lung cancer and no health insurance. The hospital she was first admitted to when it all began has charity care. Sounds like you may want to look into hospitals near your cousin that have this.

    Basically she gets EVERYTHING paid for due to no income, you can qualify with an income that isn't too much. All hospital bills get paid 100% for my mom in law. Anything done by the doctor - surgery, dr. appointments, tests outside of the hospital are NOT covered.

    But she received the chemo in the hospital so it was paid for. Originally, before we applied for charity care, one dr. there with a terrible bedside manner said he wouldn't start chemo until we paid for the first treatment upfront - $10,000 just for one week. So it is VERY expensive.

    Explore other options, she may be able to go on disability through social security, if she can't get that there's SSI through social security as well. It's supplemental security income. It pays out less than disability but either one would help her have some sort of income. Then there's medicaid to try to cover some bills if she qualifies. And look into hospitals with charity care. It helped us alot since my mom in law has no income. We applied for her social security since she's 62 but it won't start in time to help her.

    Hope that helps you get an idea of the cost and different options to look into. Definitely don't delay in applying for anything if that's what you choose to do. Time is of the essence with things like that, alot of paperwork is involved and sometimes there's delays with things like disability and medicaid.

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    One problem with chemo is that even though it can help cure cancer, the body of the patient also suffers some complications in the process. I'll pray that your cousin will be better after the operation. Be strong and God bless!
    Cancer is very hard to deal with. I know that the victims and their family needs all the help they can get in times of crisis. Please take a look of this site if you have time. It might be of help to you. www.neulastainfo.com/cost-of-neulasta/

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    my dad has a Stage IV NSCLC and he just got his first infusion done yesterday. the drugs he is on are carboplatin, paclitaxel, and bevacizumab. im not sure what his dose is but all these drugs put together cost around 30,300 dollars. just for 1 infusion treatment! the bevacizumab also known as avastin was the most expensive at a cost of 15,000. I hope this helps.

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    Your cousin sounds like she might be eligible for the Free Medical Assistance program for Breast & Cervical Cancer for uninsured patients.

    Here's the link with some information about this program.


    Barbara K.


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