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Thread: Newbie Wife Diagnosed With Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma of lung

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    Newbie Wife Diagnosed With Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma of lung

    Greetings all. I just wanted to check in on to the this section. My wife of 26 years was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer of her left lung, but has spread to 3 other places of her body. Last week she had a chest portal inserted in preparation of her Chemo next week. Needless to say, we are both still in total shock about the news, but know also know what a huge fight we have waiting for us. More to follow.....

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    Sorry you find yourself here . Has she begun chemo? Will she have radiation?
    87(now 88!)yr old Dad diagnosed 7/12 w NSC squamous lung cancer w small lymph node involved,1 large tumor 4 CM & some small. Stage 3
    Phase 1 :Chemo 7/12 -6 wks Carboplatin/Taxol
    Hospitalized 4 days after first chemo.
    Concurrent Radiation-every day M-F
    Scan Oct 24- large tumor shrunk ,small gone.
    Phase 2:chemo started first week Nov. Allergic reaction,chemo changed.
    Just Taxol. 3 weeks on/1 off.
    Finished 4 rounds.(12) 2/7/13 now 2 mo off & then a Pet scan.
    4/10/13 pet scan :Good results - tumor granulized or something.
    7/10/13 CT scan shows no negative changes !
    3 months off with intermittent bloodwork then Pet scan end of Oct.
    Oct scan showed an area near original tumor which they'd like to keep an eye on so scheduled scan in Dec.
    Brain CT and Brain MRI . No mets.
    Next scan March 22. Pet scan base of skull to thigh. Results- no negative changes!
    He died 4/10/14 from dementia .
    Go dad go!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blu View Post
    Sorry you find yourself here . Has she begun chemo? Will she have radiation?
    Yes she did her first round of Chemo last week. The steroids they had her take, did really good. Of course, slowly starting to get tired and now the loss of apatite. I keep stressing to her the importance of eating. She is down to 118lbs as of this morning. I have left my job and became her sole care giver during this. It's very hard for me to see her like this to say the least. I am also not even going to ask the Dr what her life expectancy is, as she is not a carton of milk or something. Each day, I devote my entire day to her, along with house chores.

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    I am so sorry your wife has been diagnosed with this disease. You will find a lot of support from everyone on this forum.

    It is extremly important for your wife to eat and stay well hydrated. One of the the side effects of chemo and this disease is the weight loss. Speak with her doctors. They may be able to provide something to stimulate her appetite. My Mom was given something called Megastrol and seemed to work great. My Mom was able to eat since it helped to restore her taste buds to almost back to normal.

    It is wise not to ask doctors about life expectancy. A lot of statistics out there but everyone is different and many who well exceed what doctors believe. Most doctors would not even venture to give a time frame.

    I will keep you and your dear wife in my prayer and thoughts that she will tolerate treatment well and be with you for a long time.

    I am not sure how old your wife is but there is someone else on this forum whos wife is 50 and battling this disease. You are not alone in this journey and we all will be here for you.


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    Hi Tman

    Your wife is lucky to have you in her corner. Fluids are really important before, during and after chemo treatments. You are so right about expiry dates. No on really knows and all we can do in these situations is make the most of each and every day. Where else has the cancer spread to and do they plan on any radiation at this point. Please keep us posted on how she is doing. God Bless.

    Caregiver to my Dad, who was diagnosed in June 2010 with Stage 1V NSCLC with single met to brain,
    He sadly lost his battle in August 2010 and we miss his smiling Irish blue eyes terribly.
    My Dad's story:


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