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Thread: Re: Diatomaceous Earth

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    Re: Diatomaceous Earth

    A family member is newly using this substance to improve his health. I have done some reading about it, but am finding little (except testimonials/advertising) about it actually being beneficial to one's health upon ingesting the freshwater origin, food-grade, form.

    Understandably, people dealing with cancers, especially those for which conventional treatments have uncertain efficacy, often seek alternative treatments, and it therefore occurred to me to inquire here if anyone is aware of any scientific studies supporting the ingestion of food grade diatomaceous earth for human health benefits. If not scientific studies, has anyone here personally obtained health benefits from ingesting this substance?

    Any information much appreciated. ~Holly

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    I found an old post here on the forum -- no peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled studies will be done because they are prohibitively expensive.

    Diatomaceous Earth for Human Consumption Facts and Instructions

    Page only applys to Diatomaceous Earth "Food Grade"

    (Edited to remove unsubstantiated, apparently commercial claims.)
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    Since there is absolutely no peer reviewed evidence, and cautions are associated with food grade as well as pest grade diatomaceous earth, one should/must ask advice from a physician before any such supplementation is attempted. Here is an article which raises safety questions:


    Closing this 6 year old thread to avoid confusion.


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