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Thread: Weight loss and Cervical Cancer?

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    Weight loss and Cervical Cancer?

    I'm new to this forum and unsure how things are done so. I need some information about Cervical Cancer because I know very little about it. My daughter has lost alot of weight recently and there's other things that are wrong, including cervical warts. Could this weight loss be a sign of cancer? What questions should I be asking her?
    S Smith

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    Genital warts is the leading cause of cervical cancer followed by genetic and early exposure to sex in life. The fact that your daughter has genital warts, that raises red flags about cervical cancer

    Weight loss is one of the earliest indicators of invasive cancer. Anemia is a common thing in cervical cancer patients due to blood loss. Here are some questions you might want to ask her

    1. Is she active sexually. If so... encourage her to stop... it is spreading the disease to others.
    2. Does she get post coital bleeding? If so.. is it painful? Either way... it could be cervical canver.
    3. Does she feel pain during sexual penetration?

    That would me my starting point. Do it fast... get her treated fast because cancer of cervix may be painless
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