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Thread: Letter from doctor

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    Question Letter from doctor

    I am a Deputy Fire Chief in CT and was recently diagnosed with PC. CT has a presumptuous cancer law for police officers and firefighters. In order to file a Workmen Compensation Claim you need a letter from your Doctor. My Doctor said his higher ups won't allow him to do so. Anybody ever run into this problem? Any ideas for a solution?

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    I am confused, are you sure you aren't thinking about long term disability or is there a tie between firefighting and colon cancer?
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    what is the jist of the presumptive cancer law? what do you need him to write in the letter?

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    Depends on what they need the letter to say.
    If they are only asking the doctor to indicate that you have prostate cancer, then assuming you have a Gleason 6 or higher I don't know why they would hesitate.

    On the other hand if the letter needs to state that the prostate cancer is related to your work, that is completely different.
    Or if they are being asked to indicate that you will be disabled during or after treatment that may also cause them to hesitate.

    So what is the required letter or form asking for? A statement of fact or a opinion?

    Is it for temporary disability or for a disability retirement?

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    Claims for Workers comp are given to workers that have a work related injury. CT may be different or you may be thinking of short term disabililty?
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    I'd not heard of presumptive disability before, but there is indeed a lot of info on the internet. Connecticut does include prostate cancer. As for a doctor not cooperating, I'd quickly expand my list of professionals by adding a Worker Comp attorney to the mix. Although my first call would be to the firefighter's Union, to see what advice/assistance they offer.

    Business Insurance, 2008

    More than 40 states have some type of presumptive disability statutes for firefighters, according to the International Assn. of Fire Fighters. Although they vary widely, the laws essentially provide that certain conditions, from skin cancer to hepatitis C to heart attacks, are presumed to be job-related and compensable under workers comp, with some limitations.
    As a result, rather than firefighters proving that their conditions are job-related, the public entity has to prove that they are not, which observers say is a tough hurdle to overcome, especially since many presumptive conditions such as cancer and heart attacks are prevalent in the general population. In some states, the presumptions are not refutable.
    Presumptive Disability Law in Connecticut

    Sec. 31-294j. Eligibility of municipal firefighters, police officers, constables and volunteer ambulance service members re benefits for diseases arising out of and in the course of employment.

    Eligibility of municipal firefighters, police officers, constables and volunteer ambulance service members re benefits for diseases arising out of and in the course of employment. For the purpose of adjudication of claims for payment of benefits under the provisions of this chapter, a uniformed member of a paid municipal or volunteer fire department, a regular member of a paid municipal police department, a constable, as defined in section 31-294i, or a member of a volunteer ambulance service shall be eligible for such benefits for any disease arising out of and in the course of employment, including, but not limited to, hepatitis, meningococcal meningitis, tuberculosis, Kahler’s Disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and prostate or testicular cancer that results in death or temporary or permanent total or partial disability.
    Tarceva hints in this thread.

    Hospice - a support thread here .


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