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Thread: Oligodendroglioma

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    So how are you doing overall? Looking for the Cliff Notes version. I did read quite a bit of your blog. It sounds like your surgery went about as well as can be expected. Did you ever manage to get pictures of the stitches up? I have a couple of the staples in my head, all 28 of them. I lost one, but still have the other 27.

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    Can you please tell us how old you were when diagnosed? My wife's doctor says that age is a big factor. My wife is 49 and just diagnosed two months ago.

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    I'm not around much, but I'm still around, so to speak.

    Last year was a really bad year for a lot of reasons. My wife's dad passed away and was found the morning of the day we were going to drive to Branson for vacation. Instead of going to Branson, we ended up going to Tulsa. My wife rescheduled our vacation trip to go to Branson for the next week, amazingly. It surprised me, but she was adamant about it. So, we went to a funeral in Tulsa one week, then Branson the next...and that's when the seizures started.

    I never witnessed the seizures and they seemed to happen once every other week or so. We didn't know what to think at first and I was in denial (since I never noticed anything). It only happened when I went to sleep, so that made it a bit confusing. Anyways, I finally went to see an Epilepsy specialist and they put me on an EEG for 3 days straight (which is extremely expensive - thank you God for insurance). I registered one epilepsy event, so I am now on a 1 year ban from driving. They did adjust my medicine and it seems to be helping.

    The good news is that I have co-workers willing to give me rides and also my MRIs are still completely clean. In fact, my neurosurgeon keeps asking me why I'm still coming in for MRIs. He doesn't think I need them anymore. My wife needs me to get them and my insurance still pays for it, so I'm still getting them.

    I'm blessed with a great wife, job, co-workers and insurance, so things could be a lot worse.

    10 years seems like a weird time to start having my first seizures since surgery. At least it's not directly cancer related.

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    It's great that you are going strong after 10 years. Weird about the seizures showing up now.

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    Story ! Gives me hope that I won't be widowed when my children are teenagers.

    How's brainman doing any updates from him!?

    I'm sorry about your father in law and you certainly have a
    Family that lives in the moment and taking that vacation probably was the best thing for grief .

    Hope you continue to do well

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    Wow! 10 years and still going strong...You give me hope that I can survive as long as you have. Love and peace to you
    Diagnosis - Oligodendroglioma II
    Seizure on 3.6.15
    Surgery on 3.10.15
    Awake Surgery at Duke Medical on 7.18.15


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