My daughter is 17 and since she was around 9 she had a growth on the side of her toe, doctors always said it was a corn and to put corn pads on it. We did, seemed like it shrunk some then it would always come back.
Few years later went to another family doctor and he said the same thing, its a corn.
Well a few months ago the "corn" now has a second corn right next to it, I started to get worried thinking I dont think these are corns.
My daughter now fessed up and said their are more, she has one under her chin near the back of her neck, and then she showed me this red mass blister type on the side of her big toe that was hidden between her toes. I asked her how long have they been there, she said for several years...ugh, i started to panic, I called up a Podietryst and made and appt.
She saw a foot surgeon who took x-rays that showed nothing, he then sent her for an MRI. The neck lump has still not been evaluated, she has been on Advair however for about 6 years.
We just got the MRI results back on Friday for her foot, he said the foot lumps are indeed tumors, she has 5 of them on her big toe and to the side of her foot, he said the MRI is showing they are soft tumors but did not tell him if they were cancer or not.
I thought MRI's show cancer? he said not always and he wants to remove them all and send them out to the lab, he said he is very concerned with the one that looks very red (the one that looks like a blister but its a tumor).
So now we dont know what to do, should we let a foot surgeon not trained to do surgery on cancer allow him to do the surgery to remove all her foot tumors?
Or do we contact a Cancer center near us?
We have the MRI on disc
We are so confused, were worried if it is cancer the foot surgeon may not remove it correctly and it may make matter worse.
Please guide us, we really dont know where to start