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Thread: Are additional "alternative" remedies really any g

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    Are additional "alternative" remedies really any g

    I have a close friend who has just been diagnosed with serious liver cancer (secondary - came from bowel cancer during chemo) and I wondered what folks views were of the various alternative holistic remedies that are bandied about.

    Patently, nothing should be done without discussing it with her specialist but are there any "alternative" approaches that are useful alongside chemotherapy?

    Like many before me, I have been searching the web for answers. Moreover, I am very sceptical about suggesting she get involved with something that is promoted and sold the way, for instance, Zeolite NCD seems to be. That having been said, if there is a shred of evidence that it, or anything else, might do some good then perhaps I should ignore my natural suspicion and put it to her.

    (Is it available in the UK by the way)

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    Alternative or complementary?

    From your post, it seems that chemotherapy is proposed or in use. In which case alternative therapies are to be avoided as they technically replace allopathic medicine.

    Complementary therapies on the other hand can help to offset the effects of chemo. The best of them help to improve the immune system and its ability to fight both cancer and the side effects of chemo. But research would have to be done to establish what might be the best. Have a look at this for a starting point: http://www.cancer.gov/cam/health_pdq.html

    Zeolite is used to detox the liver, and I suspect that the medics will be unhappy about its use in this case. It is a very contentious product and one that rouses considerable disagreement. Any discussion usually become somewhat acrimonious as there really is too little clinical evidence of its nature and effectiveness.

    This site is of particular interest to liver cancer sufferers:


    Hope you find something of use in all this.

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    There are many different testimonies at althealthtalk.com

    Hope this helps.

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    I dont think that most of these things have any scientific basis. The only thing that sounds positive to me is dendroterapiya. It helps you gain biofield energy from trees. This thing has convinced me a bit. You can read about it here :

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