A Sticky post by ChemoMan from the Complementary forum.



So what is the easiest way to get banned here

1) Come here and poke fun at our treatment choices by going into a paranoid rant about 'Big Pharma' We don't buy it and we don't like it so don't do it.

2) Come here and advocate Alternative methods. This is a complimentary treatment forum and that means any treatment, diet or substance that cannot be taken during science based treatment should not be discussed here. Far be it for us to dictate to you what you can or cannot do but we can dictate what is printed here as it is our little place on the internet where we are free from scammers and misguided folk with little or no knowledge of cancer or its treatment.

3) Come here and start to get aggressive with members who disagree with you. We value our members and we consider ourselves a family. Please respect everyone here

4) Argue and insult any of our mods or administrators. Do this and you will be shown the door quick smart. Our mods and administrators are unpaid volunteers who give a lot of their time to these forums. They do not deserve any sort of abuse.

So please folks if you believe in alternatives and also buy into conspiracy theories take your views to one of the thousands of sites on the web but don't post them here as your time as a member will be short.

Thanks and good health to all