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Thread: Could It Be Health Anxiety (Hypochondria) or Cyberchondira?

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    Could It Be Health Anxiety (Hypochondria) or Cyberchondira?

    This site is for cancer patients, their family members and their caregivers. We are not a help diagnose me forum.

    We all know that being informed about our own health is a good thing. Being active in monitoring our health is an important component of staying well. However, signs of health anxiety (hypochondria) can include obsessive worrying about your health or being consumed by the idea that something is seriously wrong even though your doctor has performed appropriate testing and given assurance that you are OK.

    Why is using Dr. Google not helpful?
    If you start to search for ailments by using the internet, you will certainly find something that matches your symptoms. Easy access to information about every symptom or health concern that you experience can fuel your anxiety and all lead to cancer eventually. Using internet forums to seek a diagnosis or reassurance just keeps the symptoms in your head, and often makes you feel worse.

    There is even a name for the excessive use of internet health forums which can fuel health anxiety, "Cyberchondria".

    For more information about health anxiety, visit:

    Mayo Clinic


    National Health Service (NHS) UK



    And here is an excellent online resource to help you manage the condition:


    Should you, or anyone else, ever be diagnosed with a cancer, we will be here and we will be welcoming. In the meantime, what you need to do is see your physician. Your doctor can help where we cannot. If you feel unsure of the correctness of your physician's guidance, gather up your medical records, including lab reports, physicians' reports, radiologists' reports, copies of xrays/scans, etc, and get a second opinion from another doctor.

    Here are a couple of links to health anxiety forums which may be of help to you.



    Good luck to you.
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    Tarceva hints in this thread.

    Hospice - a support thread here .


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