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Thread: Hyperthermia Treatment

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    Hyperthermia Treatment

    Not sure where I should post this, so hopefully this is an appropriate place

    As with everyone else, unhappy circumstances lead me to register. I lost my father 6 months ago to lung cancer and a few days ago, my father in law has had CT results which look extremely worrying.

    He has a mass which is 11cm height, and 12cm wide, 10cm deep in what you'd externally call his stomach area. From the breast bone down to the belly button under the skin, and 10cm deep. Inoperable as its tied up with blood vessels. And I assume very well supplied.

    Its not attached to any organs but is now starting to press against them which led to his symptoms and investigation. He has a biopsy next week. What I suspect will happen is he is given a terminal diagnosis with aggressive Peritoneal cancer. I dont know obviously, it's as its a very rare cancer in men it might be an intra-abdominal malignancy but Im just speculating.

    I'm getting extremely confused by the information and misinformation available. My main avenue of googling currently is the German treatment of hyperthermia. It seems that a type of this is used by the UK NHS in heating chemo drugs during debulking surgery

    It seems that this might only be used in metastatic rather than primary peritoneal cancers by the NHS. I also dont yet know if his tumour is suitable for debulking.

    Im reading that the German clinic type of hyperthermia might be a suitable treatment for him

    Does anyone have an opinion on hyperthermia? Any advice on this or the situation as a whole?

    It seems to be being trialled at stage 3 or something in the USA and theres a good few positive UK medical journal articles on it, so am hoping its not considered a complementary therapy as such.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello, and so sorry to hear of your father's passing and of your father in law's recent diagnosis.

    I don't know much about hyperthermia treatment, but if you do a search at the top right of this forum for "hyperthermia", it will bring you to a list of threads where it has been discussed. Here are a couple of links to get you started...hope you can find something useful in them!


    Wish your father in law the best!

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    Thank you Debbie, thats really helpful, will have a look this evening.


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