Hello - To make a long story (struggle) short..my mom was diagnosed with Stage 3C ovarian cancer 2 years ago and she has undergone 2 surgeries and about 40 rounds of chemo's.

Unfortunately has not been responding to the conventional chemotherapy , I got the news from my mom's oncologist yesterday she might have 2 months more to live unless she by some miracle responds to the last few chemo's options we have left (Trabectedin (Yondelis?).

I have been reading about trials on T-cell therapy specifically adoptive T-Cell where they harness the bodies own T-cells to fight cancer , I know that the trials are being done in the US however I am not able to find any in Asian subcontinent (We are from India).

We may not be able to travel to US in such a short notice(Visa's , cost factor etc..) however I can take chances if its in the Asian regions
Please let me know if you have come across of any such hospitals are conducting trials in Asia or if there's an alternative treatment that would benefit.

A small lead or least bit of information would help a lot. Thanks!