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Thread: Intravenous vitamin C for ovarian cancer

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    Intravenous vitamin C for ovarian cancer

    Hi I have just completed a six week course of daily IV vitamin C and my CT scan is now completely clear of ovarian cancer secondaries. In July 2006 my CT scan showed a tumour in the pelvic area plus what looked like substantial cancer on the bowel. I had already had a colostomy for secondaries on the bowel in 2005. I had two courses of chemotherapy which unfortunately had not worked and I refused the third course due to fear of feeling so ill again. Also I was told that the next course of chemotherapy would only give me approximately an 10% chance of remission. I decided to try IV vitamin C plus supplements and a strict vegan diet with no sugar, yeast or wheat and now the scan looks excellent. It maybe worth other cancer sufferers considering this course of treatment if all else fails. MarianUK
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    That is great, at the moment I'm fighting ot try to find an area local in Ohio that is willing to provide such treatments as well. Any suggestion on where to look?

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    How much of this success is the diet and how much the Vit C? Diet has far more influence than is generally acknowledged.

    However, congratulations and may things continue well for you.


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