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Thread: My Mom, My Friend

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    My Mom, My Friend

    In just a few short days it will be one year since cancer took my beautiful Mom. My Mom was the one who knew me best and the day she left, a piece of me died inside. My heart aches to just hear her voice, feel her hand within mine and feel the comfort that surrounded me every time I was with her.

    She taught me how to love, to care for others, how to be a mom myself and how to remain strong. I am and will always be my mothers daughter. Cancer took my mom but she can not take the love I will always have for her.

    This picture says it all. It was the day my dad knew this was the women he loved so deeply and the start of a storybook life. My mom's name was Alice and she was a fiery redhead! My mom lost her battle with cancer just four days shy of her 80th birthday but even if she lived to 100, it still would have not been long enough.

    I miss you Mom.
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