Hello, I am new to this forum but I wish to inform everyone about a Trade Treaty being implemented in Washington called the Trans Pacific Partnership between the United States and 12 other mostly rogue dictatorship Asian nations. Sadly President Obama and many House Republicans favor this treaty and if you click on the two links below according to the Asian times and this includes America if this Treaty called the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP for short goes through many Generic drugs to fight Breast cancer and other life threatening illnesses will be off the market because this Treaty extends patents for brand name manufacturers and raises those life saving brand name drugs prices and some insurance affordable care act or not will NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD GETTING THOSE LIFE SAVING BRAND NAME DRUGS TO EVERY CUSTOMER WHO NEEDS THEM. Click the two links below for more information



Now much of the main stream media because of interest between 600 corporations including SOPA internet censorship bill being sneaked into this treaty are not reporting about the Trans Pacific Partnership http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews...ic-partnership and http://mediamatters.org/research/201...out-tra/197932

However this Treaty is dangerous and Congress especially House Republicans want to give up there authority to negotiate trade using a method called Trade Promotion Authority or Fast Track which means if Fast Track is passed in the House and Senate it will mean this international trade treaty can pass with only 51 votes and there will be NO FILIBUSTER or Stopping this Treaty and NO CHANGES can be made to this Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty.


I am giving you all this information because many people and there insurance companies depend on affordable life saving drugs and Congress especially House Republicans and President Obama a Democrat favor the Trans Pacific Partnership and President Obama is depending Congress give up it's right to negotiate Trade by telling them to give the President Fast Track and Trade Promotion Authority. Thankfully Democrat Congressman and woman and Tea Party Republicans like Michele Bachmann Congresswoman from Minnesota are opposing Fast Track for the reason of expanding patents on life saving brand name drugs.

I urge you all to call your Congressman and Senators 2022243121 and give the operator your Zip Code and tell them No to Fast Track or Trade Promotion Authority and NO to the TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP. Also e-mail your Congressman and Senators by clicking these 2 links here: FOR SENATE https://www.senate.gov/ FOR HOUSE OR CONGRESS MEMBERS http://www.house.gov/

Please as well sign this petition below and e-mail it to friends and family and tell them about what Congress is planning on doing to life saving Generic Drugs. Here is the petition CLICK HERE http://cms.fightforthefuture.org/stopfasttrack-email/

Please let others know. Many people are not aware of how dangerous this Treaty will be for people that have cancer and cannot afford brand name drugs. Please help stop Trade Promotion Authority and the Trans Pacific Partnership. Remember this is an election year. Do not let Congress get away with ending life saving Generic Drugs.


I myself cannot believe are Government could stoop this low. Here