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Thread: PSA 4.8

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    PSA 4.8


    I am 60 years old. Ever since I started taking PSA tests (around ten years), they hovered from about 3.8 to 4.8. I have chonic prostatitis, which I understand may causes the fluctuation. My most recent result result was 4.8. My doc put me on a month-long course of antibiotic to see if he could get the PSA number down by solving the prostatitis problem. But after the four week, the PSA reamined about the same (actually rose a bit to 4.85). My doc had said if he couldn't get the PSA below 4 with antibiotics he would want to do a biopsy. I'll be seeing him later this week to discuss it.

    My question is this: with a PSA of 4.8, which is not that high for me, should I agree to have a biopsy. In other words, are the pontetial problems with a biopsy worth the benefit given that my PSA is still relatively low?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    In my recent post here, I mentioned "free PSA test", Prostate size, and steep rises in PSA, and also that there is no "normal" PSA figure.

    PROSTATE SIZE: Higher PSA is expected with a larger gland which usually happens gradually with age. "PSA DENSITY" is ratio of PSA to prostate size. Divide PSA by size of your prostate.

    FREE PSA test: is widely used to gauge the probability of cancer. It shows proportion of PSA from benign gland enlargement.

    PSA rises: steep rises or short doubling time can indicate if this is due to cancer.

    Less invasive diagnosis methods are used by "The Diagnostic Center for Disease" www.mrisprostatecancercenter.com

    Oregon Health & Science University prblished an article on non invasive diagnosis last year. Rachel MacKnight macknigh@ohsu.edu 503 494 8231 www.ohsu.edu

    I'd request a "free PSA" test, discuss the issues with your doctor and check out the alternative available methods.



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