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Thread: Stage IV Adenocarcinoma - Operable

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    Stage IV Adenocarcinoma - Operable

    My husband was diagnosed in Aug 06 with IV Adenocarcinoma of the Lung. Went through chemo with cisplatin & VP 16 as well as 7 1/2 weeks of daily radiation with all treatments ending the first of November. Saw the radiation doctor yesterday who was very happy with the progress. No scans done yet but the nodules on the sides of his neck have nearly disappeared. She advised him they might want to consider surgically removing what's remaining of it. Does anyone know of someone that was Stage IV, had treatment, and then the cancer was surgically operable? My husband feels wonderful - you wouldn't know he was sick.

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    Ask the doctor why it was inoperable to begin with. Sometimes cancer is in opeerable because of it's location to other organs/arteries. If you still don'te feel comfortable then seek a second opinion.

    Just because he seems normal, and although that's terrific, it doesn't mean a thing...Lung cancer is one of those cancers that can come back when you least expect it. If the doctor thinks that they shrunk it down but that remnants are still there, then either get a second opinion or consider it. Ask the doctor what will happen if he doesn't have the surgery. ASK QUESTIONS. You have the right, none of your questions are stupid and you can't make important decisions like this unless you are 100% informed.

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