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Thread: Worried about recurrence. 20y/o

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    Worried about recurrence. 20y/o

    Ok so I am 20 years old I was diagnosed at 19 had one ovary removed and did chemo. Now been in remission for over 4 months. A few days ago I felt a swollen painful lymphnode in my armpit which is exactly where I got one last summer before having surgery and getting diagnosed. My oncologist is away on vacation right now but I do have an appt with him in two weeks for the first time since chemo. I'm really scared because the only other time I've ever had a painful lymphnode was when this all started. Can someone please give me their opinion on what I should do? Wait the two weeks or see a doctor sooner and if I should see a doctor what should I do since mines on vacation. I sound like a child but I am terrified that this might be a recurrence. help

    Edit: sorry should probably add I had a grade 3 tumor and stage 1a. Was condensed to the one ovary but have "pre cancerous cells" I'm my lymph nodes in my abdomen. Blah

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    The 1A diagnosis is really good! I would wait for the oncologist -- I know that's frustrating, but if it is a recurrence, the decision about whether to do treatment and when to do treatment tends to be pretty slow. If the oncologist has other gyn/oncs in the practice, maybe one of them could see you sooner? I would not invite a non-oncologist to get involved; it seems to me they're just likely to confuse things, and you need an onc's opinon.

    Lymph nodes are supposed to swell up when we're fighting infections, so I hope the chances are really good you're just fighting a cold or a virus. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    Diagnosed with stage 2c papillary serous cystadenoma borderline malignancy of the ovary in 2009. Hysterectomy, omenectomy, appendectomy, debulking.
    - 2010 - laparoscopy showed inoperable recurrence, so started chemo.
    - Frontline chemo - carboplatin and cyclophosphamide, six cycles
    - Additional chemo regimens: Avastin - ten cycles; Weekly Topotecan - 4 cycles.
    - Spring 2012 developed pleural nodules. Topotecan plus Avastin - 1year.
    - April, 2014, had surgery to remove Aspergillus infection from right lung.
    - September, 2015, started on Megace because my tumors are PR positive. Stopped Megace after three months.
    - September, 2016, hospitalized for shortness of breath and back pain.
    - September, 2016, respiratory failure reversed with prednisone. Maintaining on 50 mg Prednisone per day and supplemental O2.
    - October, 2016 left hospital with no supplemental oxygen. Feeling great! Will start tapering off the prednisone Oct. 10.


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