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Thread: has anyone got what i have? esophageal cancer.

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    Smile has anyone got what i have? esophageal cancer.

    It seems so many of you are third person, does anyone have this horrible cancer and can you tell me somthing about what to expect. I am so very scared and get a PICC line in tomorrow then start chemo and radiation on Monday. My two boys aged 12 and 14 and are very scared.

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    I was reciently diagnosed with invasive squamous cell esophageal and indolent lymphoma cancers (4/14). So welcome to the club (sic). So far I've had two chemo treatments so I am probably as new as you. I do have to admit that the treatments have let me swallow whole foods without any pain or stress. I start radiation next week and will let you know after a couple of those treatments work. Hope this helps.

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    In 2008, I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer (though after it all, it was likely stomach cancer). Know the PICC line well, did it for weeks. Worst part was not being able to enjoy the taste of anything during that time. 9 months chemo, surgery and partial gastrectomy. Actually no, the absolute worst part was seeing my family so scared, and trying my damnedest to assure them everything was going to be fine... Happy to report that I was right.

    The odds are better than ever. I have a more "charmed" experience; I can eat most of the same foods as before (I eat things from every part of the world, only opposable thumbs and blowholes are off menu), even soda is usually okay; spicy food sometimes is an issue, but often not. Kinda random.

    I am a little skinnier than I'd like, but really life is pretty normal five years later. I was more or less stage 3C, so... I think it was 60% awesome doctors, 30% dumb luck, and 10% positive attitude for me. I was diagnosed on my 35 birthday (yay...��), and mostly see this as a closed chapter of my life now. If there's any details you'd be curious to know, please message me, I rarely am on these forms.


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