Seeking matter of fact info for a dear friend who has been diagnosed with this aggressive form of bladder cancer. He had surgery a month ago and they removed a baseball size tumor (among other smaller tumors) in his bladder and had a urostomy done at the time of surgery. They found the cancer cells in at least 3 of the lymph nodes on the right side. He's doing very well post op and sees his oncologist on Tuesday but I'm looking for "typical" in treating this type of cancer with Stage 4 b/c of lymph node involvement. Can anyone share what their experiences are, what is the chemo like and the "typical" of it coming back in the lung, liver or bone? I'm trying to be an encouragement to him but he want's to know the truth of his prognosis. Doctors always give the best scenario..not that I want to give him doom and gloom but he wants to know exactly what he's facing. Any help would be appreciated. Although I'm aware of this type of cancer, I'm not at all familiar with the treatment or prognosis. Thank you so much!!!