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Thread: Alternative Meds Policy?

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    Alternative Meds Policy?

    Recently a thread I began was closed because I discussed alternate meds for Pancreatic Cancer.

    I was accused of not being a doctor in giving my 89 year old mother, diagnosed with Stage IV, alternative meds when she had made the decision to decline traditional chemo. But when chemo is all that establishment Oncologists can offer, what is one to do? Especially when chemo's damage to a healthy body is considerable and the 5 year survival rate is only 3% at most.

    As well my mother's Oncologist had, in his written office visit report, recommended Turmeric, Resveratrol, and vitamin E -- not as cures, but at least as supplements with some scientific value that he was aware of.

    In the thread that was closed, the issue of my giving cannabis to my mother was criticized. Again, when a loved one declines to undergo the suffering of chemo, what is one to do?

    That cannabis does show promise in the treatment of some medical conditions cannot be denied; that it helps with pain and nausea cannot be denied; that it does kill cancer cells in some studies also cannot be denied; that it kills enough cancer cells to be called a cure -- can and should be questioned.

    Again, what is one to do when a loved one is given 4 months to live and they refuse to undergo the suffering from chemo? The only choice is to let the loved one die or to wade through information from friends, fellow sufferers, books, and the internet for alternatives that have some kind of history with few side effects.

    Feedback from the experience of others is a powerful tool in dealing with the reality of cancer and the current state of scientific medical doctrine -- which we all know leaves much to be desired.

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    HI James,

    Everyone has a right to investigate and try any treatment they desire, however this a forum that cements itself on supporting people undergoing traditional and scientifically proven treatments and not just going on the word of a few internet "studies" that do not conform with accepted research methods and critical mass of subjects and where results cannot be reproduced.

    If would be irresponsible for any of us to recommend anything that hasn't been proven, and that's why you will find it not a subject we delve into. Some members find it offensive and may even offer false hope. Although your posts may have been innocent, we have lots of instances where some people may actually be convinced to forgo conventional treatment in hopes of a miracle cure. Again, I know you are not pushing that, but there is a blurry line as far as that goes.

    I'm sure there are other forums out there that will openly discuss alternative therapies, but this is not one of them. I hope this helps you understand.
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    Hi James

    Well at least we have your assurance that your mother is doing this willingly. That changes the situation.

    You have been here all of 1 month. I have been here 6 years. During that time we have had all sorts of trolls, wannabe doctors, charlatans and spammers, using various means to disrupt our forums. As a result we are hypervigilant and tend to quash them quickly. Every once in a while someone like you will get caught up in this. if we lived in a cyber world where trolls do not exist this would not have happened but this is Earth in the 21st century and trolls are a fact of life.

    You had ample opportunity to answer misgivings that were put to you but you chose to ignore these and continue your thread. Unfortunately that was the wrong thing for you to do as it merely highlighted to us that you were probably a troll and your thread was closed. You were not banned and you were able to start this thread so really I cannot see that you have much to complain about. I would urge you in future that if a moderator or administrator questions what you have said you should address it immediately.

    As for our policy it is what it is what it is and is unlikely to change much. If you wish to stay here then in our sandbox you play by our rules.

    I would also like to back up everything that Hope2012 has written, apart from being well crafted it has avoided me having to write an extra paragraph or two.

    I wish your mother luck and I hope she finds peace in this time of her life. Please take care of yourself
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